Interior Inspiration: A Masculine Take

Gustavs hem Stockholm
Tine Hellberg

A good dose of masculinity is an A+ in any space, but most of what’s online and in magazine editorials might have you believing otherwise. The hallmark of a good mix walks the fine line between being thoughtful and rustic for an end game that comes out as gentlemanly, not bro-ified.

Idha Lindhag

Dark and moody colors are a fantastic place to start, as are worn leather and wood. The tones of this bedroom leaves you with a feeling of warmth and comfort — basically the anti-bachelor pad. The layered bed and woven floor rug add some great textures and pattern to the mix.

Ingus Bajārs

Bright, nay neon, tones offer a fresh and modern take. Partnered with the natural wood and white walls and floors the end result feels slick and considered all at the same time.

lincoln barbour

I’d move into this sophisticated space in half a heartbeat. The balance of light and dark is spot on thanks to the gorgeous black boards and doors. It’s flat-out amazing what a difference a coat of paint can make!

B&B Italia

But dark and cozy doesn’t necessarily have to equal black and wood. Navy blue is a fantastic alternative that manages to feel comfortable, modern, and sophisticated all at the very same time. The texture of the bed adds another layer that’s definitely welcome.


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