5 Ways to Add Life to Your Rug


You’ve done the search and finally the perfect rug is in place. Your work is done. But wait a minute — there’s more to be done! At least if you don’t want to purchase a replacement in a few years because this one is already in disrepair. Read on for five ways to add life to your rug.

1. Don’t Forget the Rug Pad

You’ve spent money on the rug, don’t neglect to get the pad too. It’s easy to think you can skip it, but a pad will add a lot of life to your new rug. It will also add some protection from wear and tear and help prevent slipping.

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2. Keep it Rotated

Kind of like your mattress, your rugs should be rotated once a year. It will help keep heavy traffic areas throughout your space and around your furniture from developing worn paths.

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3. The Three Levels of Clean

You’re probably vacuuming regularly so that the dirt doesn’t build up and get ground into the fibers, but you should also occasionally flip your rugs over to vacuum the underside. Never let stains settle and every year or two either rent a rug cleaner or hire a professional to get in there and get the deep down dirt out.

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4. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Don’t risk the beautiful colors in your rug fading by placing it in a spot that receives direct light during the day. Your best option is to use curtains or shades to lessen the sun’s rays and discourage fading.

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5. Keep the Dirt at Bay

One of the best tactics is keeping dirt from ever reaching your floor rugs by placing doormats near every entrance from the outdoors. They’ll catch the things you definitely don’t want inside on your shoes before they ever have a chance to cause a mess.


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