Inspiration Board to Room: Modern Folk Arts & Crafts

maryanne moodie

modern craft

From modern weaving to embroidery, cross-stitch, quilting, and more, handmade folk arts are more popular than ever, and many are getting a fresh, modern twist with new colorways. If you love the handmade, folksy look, but aren’t sure where to begin, not to worry! I’ll show you how to translate this look into a room, plus share top picks to complete the look with fun, colorful rugs. The first step is to pull together a few inspiration images that speak to you, and capture the colors and feeling you want to achieve. Above, I have chosen an image featuring a handmade paper chandelier (a traditional Polish craft) by artist Lena Corwin, and woven textile art pieces by Maryanne Moodie. These share a warm, rich color palette on a neutral backdrop. Now let’s look at another option.color and pattern

Above, I have chosen two much more vibrant examples featuring watercolors (top) and modern cross-stitch inspired homewares (bottom) in a palette of bright pink, turquoise, and chartreuse. Notice which colors you are more drawn to: warm and rich hues, or cooler brights? Figuring out your color preferences early on will help keep your room looking and feeling intentionally designed.


Another tip for pulling off the modern folk art look is to keep some elements in your room plain, pale, and embellishment-free. In the home of Paula Mills, shown above, notice the white floors and walls, with just one accent wall painted pale blue. It is this calm white space that keeps the bold, colorful elements (a red and a blue couch!) from feeling like too much.

rug picks

A beautiful, colorful rug works just like artwork in a calming, neutral space, so don’t be afraid to go a little wild! Refer back to your inspiration board as a reminder about which colors, tones, patterns, and styles you gravitate towards, and choose a rug that is likely to mesh well with the other pieces you add to your room. I am loving the rugs shown above, with designs reminiscent of needlework, paper cutouts, watercolors, and other folk-crafts-made-new.

Now it’s your turn: what do you think of the modern folk art look? Love it or hate it, share your thoughts in the Comments section!


Rug Shopping Guide (Clockwise from top left): 1. Surya Felicity rug in hot pink  2. Surya Verona rug in ivory, olive, poppy, hot pink, and lime 3. Surya Wilmington rug in rust 4. Surya Sanibel rug in Cobalt

Photo Credits: Maryanne Moodie; GAN via decor8; Lena Corwin; Sweet William.


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5 Ways to Add Life to Your Rug


You’ve done the search and finally the perfect rug is in place. Your work is done. But wait a minute — there’s more to be done! At least if you don’t want to purchase a replacement in a few years because this one is already in disrepair. Read on for five ways to add life to your rug.

1. Don’t Forget the Rug Pad

You’ve spent money on the rug, don’t neglect to get the pad too. It’s easy to think you can skip it, but a pad will add a lot of life to your new rug. It will also add some protection from wear and tear and help prevent slipping.

elle decor

2. Keep it Rotated

Kind of like your mattress, your rugs should be rotated once a year. It will help keep heavy traffic areas throughout your space and around your furniture from developing worn paths.

Jennifer Kathryn

3. The Three Levels of Clean

You’re probably vacuuming regularly so that the dirt doesn’t build up and get ground into the fibers, but you should also occasionally flip your rugs over to vacuum the underside. Never let stains settle and every year or two either rent a rug cleaner or hire a professional to get in there and get the deep down dirt out.

urban outfitters

4. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Don’t risk the beautiful colors in your rug fading by placing it in a spot that receives direct light during the day. Your best option is to use curtains or shades to lessen the sun’s rays and discourage fading.

Tessa Neustadt

5. Keep the Dirt at Bay

One of the best tactics is keeping dirt from ever reaching your floor rugs by placing doormats near every entrance from the outdoors. They’ll catch the things you definitely don’t want inside on your shoes before they ever have a chance to cause a mess.


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Decorating with Stripes

my scandinavian home
My Scandinavian Home

Stripes are one of the classiest patterns around, and easily written off as being boring oftentimes. But the thing is that stripes can take on any personality you want — bold, minimal, modern, and even traditional. Because like many things in life, it’s all about how you use them.

House and Garden

The Unexpected. Go against the grain and put stripes into play somewhere unexpected, like the stairwell or the inside of the kitchen cabinets. The wow factor will be present in spades and you’ll find yourself smiling when you catch a glimpse of your clever decorating decision.


Mix and Match. Don’t shy away from mixing different striped patterns. It’s not the same as, say, a paisley and polka dot because they’re all related and in the same family. This room is a fantastic example of mixing done right; keeping to the same color palette will make almost anything feel more cohesive.


Go Bold. Stripes don’t have to be diminutive and preppy, they can be loud and in your face if you’d like them to be! Try patterns with varying widths, saturated colors, and a big presence. Make a piece of furniture front and center by going with the pattern rather than solid, or make stripes the focal point of the entire room by keeping everything else neutral and minimal.


Think Neutral. Stripes is one of those great patterns that also has the ability to function as a neutral. It can go with just about anything! So have fun and experiment with the look by sticking to basic hues and pulling stripes into your existing styling for a fun update.

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5 Fall Decor Trends to Try

1 - knitted

Trend No.1: Chunky knits. Deliciously cozy and warm, what could be better than a room filled with knitted accents in the fall? Try a chunky knitted pouf, a vintage knit blanket, or knitted pillow covers in the living room. For smaller accents, seek out knit cozies in neutral hues for your tea pot, french press, or mug.

2 - dark-floral

Trend No. 2: Dark florals. Dramatic and moody, these are no spring florals. Look for painterly floral prints on dark backgrounds. Wallpapers, like the stunning paper by designer Ellie Cashman, shown here, make a big statement in a small space like an entryway or powder room. For a less permanent take on the trend, pick up a pillow or two with dark floral prints and toss them on the couch for a fresh look.

3 - cognac

Trend No. 3: Cognac. As rich and warming as its namesake beverage, cognac color is an ideal hue for fall. It makes soft neutrals like khaki and cream look fancier, and works equally well as a foil for pops of brighter hues like teal and cranberry. Wondering where to add cognac? You can’t go wrong with anything in soft, buttery leather, from a couch to a stool.

4 - artisan

Trend No. 4: Artisan accessories. From traditional folk art from around the world, to delectable handmade finds from Etsy, artisan accessories are more popular than ever, with good reason! These colorful, creative finds can instantly give your space a personal touch. So even if you have the same Ikea bookcase as everyone else on your block, your home will look and feel really unique and special thanks to your creative use of accessories. To get this look, seek out at least one or two artisan finds for each room in your home. For example, place a hand-carved wooden spoon in the kitchen, a colorful rug in the living room, and pretty napkins with Mexican embroidery on the dining table.

5 - curated

Trend No. 5: The curated look. As well put together as a museum exhibition, the curated look entails carefully selecting your favorite objects and putting them on display. The most goof-proof way to embrace this trend is by sticking with a monochromatic color palette (all white, for example) and pulling together artwork and objects that fit within the palette.

Fall Trends

To get your folk art-inspired decor fix, check out the new Traditions Made Modern collection of pillows and rugs from Jaipur Rugs. Nearly every piece can mix and match to create a happily jumbled, eclectic look.

Ready to try this at home? Share which trend is your favorite in the Comments section!


Shopping Guide: All pillows and rugs shown by Jaipur Rugs Traditions Made Modern Collection.

Photo Credits: (From top to bottom of post) Anne WeilEllie Cashman DesignPetite Modern LifeNot Perfect Linen (on Etsy)The Everygirl.

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