Dabito’s Picks: Large Rugs Under $500

We all know how daunting the task of finding a large rug for a great price can be so Dabito from Old Brand New is here to help! In his latest post, Dabito shares some of his favorite large rugs–8×10 to be exact–under $500. You’ll see rug styles ranging from Beni Ourain inspired rugs to kilim to jute to blue…let the browsing begin!

Anzio Rug


Fashion Translation: Gold Coast

Now that we’re officially in the hottest days of the summer season, I’ve noticed a shift in the colors that catch my eye. Maybe I have a tropical vacation in mind (guilty), but everything I’m loving right now is inspired by beachy vibes in a very retro kind of way. The look is very beachy, but not in a coastal vein. Instead, it’s more about earthy colors, bold tropical motifs, and global ambience.

Besides the obvious tones of golden yellow, this trend’s color palette also includes terra cotta, olive green, dusty grey, and sandy beige. Truth be told, the palette is inspired by all the hues you’d find at a sun-bleached beach resort. The vibe sort of has that feel, too — super casual and laidback, with lots of bohemian influence.

Photo Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue.

Gold Coast Shopping Guide:

Trans Ocean Imports palms rug

Rugs America torino fireworks rug

Trans Ocean Imports terrace rug

This trend can also veer into a more tried-and-true tropical look, complete with on-trend palm trees, enlarged leaves, and sand-inspired stripes. While this look can end up looking quite Hawaiian shirt, it can also be very sophisticated. The essential component to consider is color palette, as well as overall number of tropical elements. I suggest sticking to one or two statement pieces to get those gold coast vibes, while leaving the rest of your home fairly neutral. What’s especially fun with this trend is that it lends itself rather nicely to the inclusion of jet black within your color palette. Don’t be afraid to mix in onyx lacquered pieces and darker tones!

Photo Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue.

Gold Coast Shopping Guide:

Karastan Panel Kirman rug

Anji Mountain jute collection rug

Loloi Xavier rug

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Warm Up Your Decor with the Best Rugs for Hardwood Floors

Shag Rugs for Hardwood Floors

There’s no question that hardwood floors are a stylish and practical choice for the home. They lay a solid, versatile foundation for any decor, and they have the added benefit of being easy to clean. But left totally bare, hardwood floors can look a little naked–and feel cold underfoot too. Fortunately it’s easy to warm up your hardwood floors, both aesthetically and literally, with a great rug!

Shag rugs for hardwood

One of the best rugs for hardwood floors is a shag rug. The long pile adds textural contrast to the polished surface of hardwoods, and it feels inviting to bare toes. Look for neutral hues that can adapt to any interior style, from boho to modern, and consider a subtle pattern for additional visual interest. By combining a cozy shag rug with cool hardwood floors, you can enjoy the best of all worlds!

Shopping Guide: 1. Graphic Shag Rug 2. Fringe Neutral Rug 3. Neutral Shag Rug 4. Moroccan Shag Rug

Images: 1. 2. 3.