Quick Tips to Extend the Life of Your Rug

Photo: Loloi Rugs featuring the Madeline Rug


Tip #1 – Rotate your rug 180 degrees at least once a year. Doing this will ensure the rug gets even exposure to light and wear and will maintain a consistent look over time. Any fading will be spread evenly and no pile will be worn down more than any other.

Tip #2 – For braided and flatwoven rugs, flip them in addition to rotating. These rugs are great because they’re made to be reversible. Flipping them over will help even out the wear and will double the life of the rug!

Tip #3 – Trim loose threads. If you encounter a pull or loose thread on your rug, go to the drawer, get a pair of scissors and carefully trim the offending fiber close to the surface of the rug. Do not pull as this might damage the entire structure. Remember, a rug is a very intricately woven product and most be handled delicately.

Tip #4 – Invest in a quality rug pad. Rug pads can do more than just keep your rug from slipping on a wooden floor, it also cushions and protects the rug. It helps to keep the rug looking new much longer by protecting it from being crushed into the floor when being stepped on. The pad helps absorb the weight instead of the rug’s fibers.


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