Cool + Tropical in the Home

Bright Bazaar
Photo: Bright Bazaar

It’s cold outside, it’s dreary, and you’re all too aware of it. So what’s there to be done? Brightening up your space and making it feel more alive, of course!

Embrace Linens. Few things feel more tropical and airy than linens in the bedroom. Since it’s winter, go ahead and layer them on — sheets, blanket, duvet — the works. Bonus points for using cool colors you’d find at home in the Caribbean.
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Plants, Many Plants. What’s the one thing you see everywhere in tropics? Exactly. Scatters pots of big, small, and every size in between throughout your space for a fresh and alive feel that’s especially welcome when not much outside is thriving.
Eclectic Trends

Add Cool Colors. The tropics feel so luxurious and refreshing thanks in part to all of the soothing hues that surround the area. Greens and blues are relaxing on the eyes and psyche, so add an accent wall here or a new chair there and embrace it.
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Let the Light In. Throw open the curtains and open the shades! Winter light, though sometimes rare, is some of the brightest. Without foliage to block any of its rays the sun can add so much mood to your home. Not only does it create the illusion of warmth, it also elevates your mood tenfold!

Tropical Rugs
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Organic Patterns. Add some organic feel in the form a floor rug that can easily be swapped out when the mood (or next season) strikes. Go with those cool blues and greens we talked about, or something darker and more dramatic for some flair.

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  1. Hannah says:

    I love the way an interesting rug can make a room pop and come together. Thanks for sharing!