Trends & Tips For Decorating a Bathroom

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Bathrooms have gotten a lot more fun to decorate in recent years. No longer restricted to matchy-matchy tilework and terry cloth towels, it’s now not uncommon to see fresh potted plants, real fabric shower curtains, artwork, and yes, even real rugs in the bath. And the wonderful thing is, there are tons of ways to personalize your bath without spending a fortune or doing a complete remodel.

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Bath trends have been leaning towards the light and bright, with a touch of black for contrast, and plenty of tactile, organic accents. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, some fresh options include affordable white subway tile with dark grout, refurbished vintage clawfoot tubs, brass hardware, and industrial style light fixtures.

Just looking to add a few small, stylish touches? Try one or more of these:

– A fragrant potted plant, such as rosemary or lavender

– A raw wood board as soap holder atop the tub

– Colorful striped fouta towels as hand towels

– String bags, French market baskets, and woven bins as storage containers

– A moroccan style area rug

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For a quick and easy DIY project, track down a simple wooden stool at a garage sale or flea market, and tape off just the lower portion of the legs to paint. Place the stool beside your tub to hold a mug of tea, book, towel, or vase of fresh cut flowers.

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Sinkside, try replacing your old medicine cabinet with a stylish new mirror instead. For a smaller touch, place a stack of neatly rolled hand towels in a beautiful bowl.

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When updating your bath, don’t be afraid to use real rugs on the floor and hang framed art on the walls. Use a regular bath mat beside the tub to step out onto, and hang it up between showers; the ‘real’ rug can go on the floor in front of the sink, where less water will get on it. As long as the pieces you choose for your bathroom are not priceless, the small risk of moisture getting on them is well worth the style gain!

What would your dream bath look like? Tell us in the Comments section.

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  1. Woo, beautiful designs.

    I am remodeling my house and in a day or two will start with the bathroom.

    Will really opt for these patterns and designs, but another thing what I prefer is bathroom rugs that makes your refreshing more pleasing .

    Till then keep on sharing more 🙂

  2. eMoov says:

    A simple design is one way to make your bathroom more classic. You will never go wrong with white and brown. Also, you have to give some details with ventilation. That way, you can have a good atmosphere inside your bathroom.

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  4. Hey, awesome tips. I like the way how you have displayed the plants in your bathroom. I was looking for some ideas for making my bathroom more attractive and here I got some nice ideas for remolding. I can now make my bathroom best with these nice decorating ideas. Thanks a lot for sharing this. This is really recommendable to others.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this post with us, It’s very inspiring when you are thinking you need to remodel your bathroom 🙂