Traditional Rugs in Modern Spaces


Some of the most vibrant, captivating rooms include some contrast of style. If your taste runs towards a modern look, why not try giving it a twist with a traditional rug? In the space shown above, a faded Oriental rug creates a rich, textured base for a mix of modern and eclectic pieces. Shiny Panton chairs, Moroccan tea tables, and a posh chandelier would never work so well together without the help of the traditional rug grounding the space.


Here, a flat weave kilim rug adds warmth to a room with striking eggplant walls and modern leather and chrome chairs. Traditional rugs instantly convey a sense of history — which is especially great for giving an apartment or plain, boxy new construction some character.


Traditional rugs are always a natural complement to books (the more, the better!) so consider rolling one out in your library or study. I love how the crisp, architectural modern shelves in the image above play against the lush traditional rug.


Ready to start shopping for a trad rug to spice up your modern or eclectic space? Try a bold pattern with lots of red and blue, something classic and stately, a flat weave kilim style, or something with a bit of faded grandeur.

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Photo Credits: Domino Magazine

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One Response to Traditional Rugs in Modern Spaces

  1. john says:

    I love these carpets. They are beautiful, with their vivid colors and

    intricate pattersn. They probably mean a tremendous amount of work

    done expertly, all by hand.