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Bathroom Rug Types

Bathroom rugs are beautiful, practical accents that work in any bathroom. These rugs come in many different styles, patterns, and color palettes to choose from. However, the physical properties of your rug are just as important as these aesthetic details. Different bathroom rug materials, backings, and the placement of the rug all impact the rug that best suits your bathroom’s practical needs, so it’s best to be informed before making your final decision.

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  1. Types of Bathroom Rugs
  2. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Rug
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
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Types of Bathroom Rugs

  • Cotton Bath Rugs: Cotton is a top choice for bathroom rugs, since they are very absorbent and quick to dry. Not only that, but many cotton rugs are machine-washable and incredibly easy to maintain. Because cotton bathroom rugs are so ideal from a practical standpoint, they come in many different designs and color palettes to fit your style. 
  • Microfiber Bath Mats: Although cotton rugs are still highly popular, microfiber bath mats come in at a close second. These rugs use incredibly soft synthetic fibers to make up the mat, which means that these rugs are often more affordable than cotton. They’re also crafted to be non-slipping and safe for bathrooms. This non-slip grip isn’t a trade off for quality or comfort; in fact, microfiber mats boast all the benefits of cotton rugs by absorbing moisture, drying quickly, and being incredibly soft and plush. Like cotton rugs, microfiber bathroom rugs can typically be machine washed as well. 
  • Memory Foam Bath Mats: Memory foam bath mats are ideally suited to create luxurious comfort in your bathroom. These bath mats can be placed by sinks, tubs, showers, and other spaces thanks to their great water absorption and quick drying. They also have great durability along with anti-skid backing. In addition, memory foam is also hypoallergenic and pressure relieving. 

Types Of Bathroom Rugs (Continued)

  • Bamboo Bath Mats: Bamboo bath mats are not as popular as softer options, but they too are finding their place in today’s bathrooms. These rugs don't absorb water nearly as much as traditional fabrics, and they don’t dry as quickly as well. This means that if the rug isn’t properly dried, it may develop mildew and unpleasant bacterial smells. That is why bamboo mats are often used in half-baths where they rest by sinks or toilets. Here, they are eco-friendly, stylish rugs that can stand up to limited moisture exposure. 
  • Shag Bath Rugs: Shag bath mats and rugs present an extra layer of comfort with their high piles and soft yarns. Whether the rug is made of natural or synthetic materials, these bathroom rugs are crafted to handle humid spaces, exposure to water, and dirt. These rugs are popular for their comfort, durability, and slip-resistance.
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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Rug

  • Size: Bathroom rugs should be chosen for their size and how that size fits into the overall scale of the bathroom. Choose a rug size that is proportional to the bathroom itself, but for extra guidance, look at what fixtures the rug will be placed right next to. Your rug should fit comfortably by the toilet, sink, vanity, or shower area to provide the necessary surface area comfort and visual balance. 
  • Absorbency: If you are using your rug in a main bathroom with a tub or shower, it is vital to consider the rug’s absorbency. The more absorbent the rug is, the better it can soak up moisture and prevent slips and falls elsewhere in the room. Even if the rug is not placed directly next to the tub or shower, you should still consider how the rug will react to the humidity and moisture of the bathroom. 
  • Durability: Durability is an important facet to consider with any rug, including bathroom rugs. Your rug should have the durability to stand up to heavy traffic and frequent washing so that it remains a beautiful, practical addition to your room. Also consider how stain-resistant the rug is and the quality of dye to ensure that it resists fading over time. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Rug (continued)

  • Style: Fortunately, bathroom rugs come in many different patterns and color palettes to fit the room’s style. Traditional, coastal, modern, boho, and rustic rugs are all popular options for bathroom rugs, but that is merely scratching the surface of what styles are out there. When choosing a style, look at your nearby towels, decor, and built-ins for guidance and inspiration. 
  • Maintenance: Your rug will see a lot of traffic and need to be spot-cleaned, washed, and generally taken care of to remain a beautiful accent in your bathroom. With the details listed above, you can tailor your search towards rug materials that are easiest to clean, which types of rugs are machine-washable, and how these rugs are dried. Many bathroom rugs can be tumble-dried, but others may expressly need to be air-dried. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you wash a bathroom rug?

As a general rule, bathroom rugs and mats should be washed every week or so. By washing the rug once a week, you can remove any dust that landed on the rug and give it intentional time to dry. Drying is as important as the cleaning process itself to avoid mold and mildew, so take the time to wash and dry your rug regularly. 

What type of rug is best for the bathroom?

Each of the rug types listed above are best for different types of bathrooms. Cotton, microfiber, and memory foam mats are all ideal options for bathrooms with showers and tubs. However, the “best bathroom rug” depends on your bathroom’s specific needs and what fabric will be most comfortable and durable. 

How do you wash bathroom rugs with rubber backing?

Bathroom rugs with rubber backing are often machine-washable. They can be cleaned in the washing machine as long as the backing isn’t peeling at all. When drying these rugs, you may airdry the rug or set it to a very light tumble in the dryer. Extreme heat will damage the rubber backing, so it is vital to dry your rug intentionally and carefully. Above all else, follow your rug tag’s care instructions to best care for your rug.

Including a rug in your bathroom is a worthwhile investment as it provides comfort, style, and safety for you and those you love. When choosing the best rug for your bathroom, it’s important to consider style alongside practicality and comfort. Different materials each have their own benefits, whether that be luxurious soft fibers, memory foam support, or moisture absorbency. Ultimately, you must choose the mat best suited for your specific bathroom’s daily use and unique aesthetic.


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