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Black and Grey Area Rugs

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Black and Grey Rug Facts & Buying Guide

Choosing a color scheme for your room can feel complicated — but getting the right rug for your space doesn’t have to be. Read on to learn why black and grey area rugs are often the easiest (not to mention one of the most stylish) design choices out there.

Why Choose A Black And Grey Area Rug?

From classic black-and-white prints to subtle dove grey, think of these rugs as the interior design equivalent of your wardrobe essentials. You can use black and grey area rugs as a versatile foundation to build on, changing accessories (like pillows and throws) to suit your mood or the current season without worrying whether your rug will still match. And because they fall on the deeper end of the color spectrum, you can count black and grey among the most practical of color choices for busy family homes and high traffic areas.

When to choose a black or grey area rug:

  • Black and grey are elegant, dramatic and chic, making these hues a good choice for rooms where you want to up the sophistication factor.
  • In a room with lots of pattern, a solid black or grey area rug can act as a visually calming choice. With solid hues, texture is especially important, so consider a fluffy shag or nubby sisal.
  • Grey area rugs are one of the easiest neutrals around. When in doubt, this is a solid design choice that’s unlikely to let you down!
  • Even though grey is a cool hue, it’s still a neutral, so it works with other neutrals — including warm ones! Try a grey rug mixed with warm neutrals like brown leather and natural wood, plus black and white.

Variations of black and grey area rugs to look for:

  • Black-and-White: Black-and-white is a timeless combination. The crisp contrast looks especially good with stripes, chevron, greek key print, tile patterns, and modern geometric designs.
  • Overdyed: This hybrid between a traditional oriental style rug and modern super-saturated color makes for a rug that works with a wide range of styles.
  • Moroccan: Many moroccan style prints are inspired by tile designs. Look for low-pile or shaggy, high-pile versions. Traditional: A classic oriental rug is a can’t-miss design item for any home. Done in cool grey or black tones, it feels fresh and current.
  • Shag: If you’re looking for a super-soft and plush rug to sink your toes into, a shag rug is what you need. Look for shag rugs in solid grey or black, or in a wide range of prints.

Material Matters

Black and grey area rugs come in a range of materials and textures, from nubby natural fibers to soft wool and indoor-outdoor versions. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular materials.

  • Sisal: Sisal rugs are made from natural plant fibers taken from the agave plant. These durable natural fiber rugs are ideal for high-traffic areas like hallways and living rooms.
  • Wool: Wool is a high-quality rug material that makes for a soft and natural feel underfoot. Wool has natural soil and stain resistance.
  • Cotton: Made from the soft tufts of the cotton plant, cotton is a budget-friendly material that feels soft underfoot. Sometimes blended with synthetic fibers to make a more durable rug.
  • Indoor-Outdoor: Made from synthetic materials designed to withstand sun, sand, and weather, this is a good choice for patios and high-traffic zones.
  • Hand-tufted: Hand-tufted rugs are created by pushing yarns into a fabric base. The surface pile is then cut to create a cushy, soft feel.
  • Synthetic: Examples of synthetic materials used in rugs are nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and viscose. Also called olefin, polypropylene is a synthetic fiber that is strong, colorfast, and comfortable.

Where to use black and grey area rugs:

  • Enhance a classic white kitchen with a grey runner.
  • Pull together a cozy neutral living room with a grey rug, brown leather sofa, natural wood coffee table and cream throw.
  • Put a fluffy black shag rug in a cozy movie watching den.
  • Create a statement in the entryway with a graphic black-and-white rug.
  • Create a peaceful master bedroom with a light grey rug, grey wall color, crisp white bedding and soft pink throw.
  • Anchor an elegant dining space with a large grey oriental rug.

Decorating With Black And Grey Area Rugs

From the pale grey of an overcast sky to deep charcoal or even “greige” — that hybrid color that falls between grey and beige — there’s sure to be a shade of grey that’s just right for your style and your space. Decorators love working with greys because they have an almost magical ability to recede into the background, allowing other colors to really pop.

Black is also beloved in decorating, but it’s important to keep a lighter touch with this dramatic hue. Depending on how it’s used, black can be used to either highlight a detail you want noticed, or help hide flaws.

Decorating tips for black and grey area rugs:

  • Black and white is an eye-catching combo, perfect for spaces where you need some extra decorating oomph.
  • A little goes a long way with solid black! Unless your space has lots of natural light, it’s generally better to use a patterned rug.
  • With both solid black and grey rugs, texture is especially important — look for a fluffy shag or textured sisal to add appeal.
  • Black and grey rugs are great for layering atop larger natural fiber rugs.

Styling Tips for Black And Grey Area Rugs

Black and grey area rugs can work beautifully with any style. Here are a few ideas for styling your black and grey area rug with your decorating look in mind:

  • Traditional: Pair a soft grey floral print rug with a tan sofa, pale blue chairs and a marble-topped coffee table.
  • Farmhouse: Put a grey and white striped rug in the mudroom along with wooden shaker-style pegs, a rustic bench and inspirational word art.
  • Contemporary: Use a chic grey oriental rug in the dining room paired with an espresso table and chairs upholstered in cream fabric.
  • Modern: Warm up a modern living room with a big fluffy moroccan style black and white rug.

Find Your Perfect Black And Grey Area Rug

Use these shortcuts to narrow down your search results and find just the right black or grey area rug for you.

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