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The Art Of Rug Layering: A guide

Building your room to your personal aesthetic doesn't have to be limited to a rug that grounds your room, or accentuating different aspects with multiple rugs.  With the art of layering rugs you can build upon the decor of your space with a simple addition with contrasting colors giving the room a richer feel. We've created a small guide to help you in knowing what sizes to layer with accordingly.

  1. The Ideal Rug Sizes For Layering

    Rugs To Layer Under A 5x8
  2. Rugs To Layer Under A 5x7
  3. Rugs To Layer Under A 9x12

Layered Living Room - Layered Rug Size Guide

What Size Rug Should I Layer Over an 8X10 Rug?

On their own, 8x10 rugs are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, or in dining rooms outfitted for four to six people. If you want to layer a rug over an 8x10 rug, then you should look at options like 4x6 or 5x7. Remember though, the layering of the rugs shouldn’t get in the way of any practical needs, such as pushing your chair in and out at the table.

Ideal Rugs To Layer on an 8x10:

  • 4x6 or 5x7 rug is perfect.

8x10- 8x10 Layered Rug Guide

How To Layer Rugs Sizes

Ideally, when you layer rugs, you want somewhere between one and three feet of the bottom rug reaching out past the edges of the top rug. That’s a big range, and what size you choose for the top rug will vary depending on how bold you want to be with your style and how your rug(s) overlap with the furniture. With layering and overlapping furniture in mind, you also have to consider the rug’s materials and pile height.Oftentimes, you’ll use low pile or flat rugs so that there’s no tripping hazards, although sometimes you can use medium pile/shag rugs on top of a flat one.

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Layered Living Room- Layered Rug Size Guide


What Size Rug To Layer Under 5 X 8?

5x8 rugs are a good, average size for rooms like offices, smaller bedrooms, and smaller living rooms. If you want your 5x8 rug to be on top of another rug, then look at the following.

Best Size To Layer Under A 5x8:

  • 8x10 or 9x12 rugs will enable a great contrast of your decor.


How to Make Layered Rugs Look Good

Aside from considering the balance of sizes, it’s also key to balance the rugs with one another visually. It’s popular to use a plain rug on the bottom layer such as a large jute rug or some other neutral colored rug. The top layer is where you can draw in bolder colors and patterns to show off your style. In fact, you can even look at rugs with fringes or other unique assets on the top rug to convey your style.

Boho Living- Layered Rug Size Guide
Layered Bedroom - Layered Rug Size Guide


What Size Rug To Layer Over 9 X 12?

Using a 9x12 rug as your base size is great in medium to large living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Though it might be tempting to just go down one size to 8x10 rugs, you should choose a smaller rug to go on top of it so the bottom rug has room to shine through as well.

Ideal Rug Size To Layer On A 9x12:

  • 5x7 , 5x8 or a 6x9 rugs are amazing choices to allow your rugs to pop!


What Size Rug To Layer Under 5 X 7?

5x7 rugs will follow very similar rules to the 5x8 rugs listed above. Ideally, your 5x7 rug will sit on top of an 8x10 or a 9x12 rug. That way, you follow the guidelines by having at least 1.5 feet of extra rug poking out on each side and end.

  • 8x10 or a 9x12 rug are the ideal choice here.
Layered Living -Layered Rug Size Guide
Layered Dining - Layered Rug Size Guide


Layering Same Size Rugs

Yes, you can layer the same size rugs! The difference is that you won’t be centering the rugs on top of each other; instead, you’ll be overlapping them on the sides and ends. For example, you can have sides of round rugs overlap with one another to tie them together and create a larger area. You can also work within unique layouts by using same size rugs in rectangular, square, and other shapes and then overlapping at least one corner of each rug as you branch out into different areas of the room.


Can you layer an 8 x10 rug over a 9 x12?

It’s best not to layer an 8x10 overtop a 9x12 rug, since this allows very little of the 9x12 rug to show. If you think about it, an 8x10 over a 9x12 rug only leaves half a foot of the 9x12 showing on two sides and one foot on the other ends. Instead, consider the recommended sizes above so you show off the base rug too.

Spacious Bedroom - 15x15 Room Rug Sizing Guide

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