Kathy Ireland by Nourison

Kathy Ireland rugs reflect the legendary model and designer’s unique sense of style. From luxurious to casual, there is a Kathy Ireland rug for every occasion. Most of the Kathy Ireland designs at Rugs Direct are made in collaboration with Nourison, a company with a reputation for style and quality.

The Santa Barbara collection is perfect for fashion lovers. Damask prints, animal prints, and vines in silvery-gray tones pop through glittering synthetic materials. With rich shag textures and glamorous prints, these rugs bring over-the-top class to any room.

Other shag offerings from Kathy Ireland include the Sunset Boulevard line in the Studio collection. Retro-inspired shag textures in pastels and neutrals create a lush centerpiece. Made from polyester that is easy to care for and built to last, Sunset Boulevard rugs are fun and practical.

Customers looking for a more subdued solid will find the perfect rug in the Cottage Grove collection. Hand-made from 100 percent wool, Cottage Grove rugs are texturally interesting without being overwhelming. Rich terracotta, cool gray, and calming blue are only a few of the colors available.

Traditionalists will love the Lumiere line of Oriental patterns. Panels, arabesques, and florals flow beautifully over each 100 percent wool rugs in this collection. Persian-inspired motifs in ivories, blues, and maroons provide value and class to your design. Far from old-fashioned, these classic styles are simply timeless.

Finally, there is the charismatic and contemporary Illusion collection. With its daring designs and eye-catching, gorgeously gradated hues and transitional pallets, Illusion area rugs are certain to impart an exciting dash of drama to any decor. Meticulously fabricated for easy maintenance and to beautifully go the distance, each remarkable rug has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Every line of Kathy Ireland rugs from Nourison is uniquely beautiful. Traditional and contemporary offerings alike will bring class and comfort to your home.

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