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Calvin Klein rugs offer the simplicity and class customers have come to associate with the fashion icon’s name. Each collection from Calvin Klein Home will bring runway designs straight to your floors.

Many Calvin Klein rugs incorporate low-key neutral colors with fascinating textures and patterns. The Loom Select Neutrals collection exemplifies this style. Hand-made from New Zealand wool, with unique textural touches, they are sophisticated without being gaudy.

Other attractive neutral lines from Calvin Klein Home include Prairie, Gradient, and Canyon. That said, all of these neutral collections are truly distinctive, created from different materials and featuring different textures, each suited for a particular style.

The Canyon collection is crafted from an opulent blend of leather and viscose. These materials bring each Canyon rug an exceptional texture, sure to provide comfort and class to your space. Furthermore, these materials complement the rugs’ animal-inspired textures, including a reptile print and zebra-style stripe.

In contrast to the elegant Canyon collection, the Gradient collection features understated color coupled with striking surface textures. Thick cords are handwoven in an interlocking pattern from a viscose and wool blend for enduring appeal that’s ideal for any Calvin Klein Home living space.

Finally, the Prairie line mimics stacked stone with its neutral patterns. Prairie rugs are made from raw cowhide, and this authentic animal skin means no two Prairie rugs are exactly the same.

More colorful options are also available from Calvin Klein Home. Linear Glow rugs offer vibrant, on-trend ombre patterns, hand-made from wool. The Lunar collection includes a spectrum of jewel-toned viscose rugs. The Urban line includes both neutrals and saturated reds.

If you’re looking to add a touch of class and luxury to your home, bringing in a Calvin Klein rug is the perfect way to do it.

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