Fashion Translation: Incorporating Denim-Inspired Rugs into Your Home

It’s a well-established fact that anything blue is trending right now. From shades of pale blue to rich navy, these inky hues are everywhere, especially in the home decor world. The look can quickly cross over into preppy style territory, so my favorite way to incorporate this trend into my home is by pulling inspiration from a true fashion staple: my favorite pair of jeans!


Image credit: J.Crew via Fashion Gone Rogue.


These denim-inspired rugs are the perfect way to embrace the blue trend in your home, while also maintaining a laid back, casual vibe. There are many opportunities for patterns in this look, as well. A simple geometric stripe or skinny stripe takes the blue rug to a totally different place, one that’s perfect for a kitchen or sunroom. Similarly, an ornate overdyed rug provides the perfect foundation for a mature master bedroom. When shopping for this trend, look for striations in color, rather than solid fields of blue. This simple tip will keep your look looking more boho than preppy!

A few favorites (from top to bottom, left to right):

Surya Zahra rug

Surya Amadeo rug

Dalyn Torino ombre rug

Surya Trenza rug

Jaipur Rugs Coastal Shores stripe rug

Surya denim rug

Jaipur Rugs Britta rug

Safavieh Himalaya rug

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Fashion Translation: Bohemian Neutrals

Despite my love of color and pattern paired with my constant trend-awareness, my appreciation for neutrals runs deep. But so do my bohemian roots! As I settle into my first home, I find that I’m veering more toward the neutral boho look… and it’s starting to inspire my wardrobe choices, too! I often can be found in my uniform: a breezy, flowy, embellished white or ivory top with great jeans and my trusty vintage clogs. Despite the neutral color palette, there is still a touch of pattern, but also loads of texture!

Photo Credit: Zoey Grossman found via Bohemian Diesel.

Truly, this is the perfect look to incorporate into any home. There are just so many options! If you want to go glam, look for a neutral rug with a hint of metallic. Or keep things simple yet patternful by selecting a bohemian print for your rug. This boho-meets-neutral rugs pair easily with most furniture styles, making them a great option if you want to do a small overall of your space. I also find that this assortment can work in any room of the house. I’m personally partial to using neutral rugs in the bedroom for a restful, almost spa-like vibe.

Shopping Guide:

Safavieh Adirondack rug

Surya Limu cowhide rug (my personal favorite!)

Safavieh Tunisia rug

Dynamic Rugs Loft rug

Loloi Rugs Kingston rug

Surya Madela rug

Surya Laural rug

Kaleen Solitaire rug

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2016 Interior Trends

Calico Wallpaper
Calico Wallpaper

Can you believe that February is coming to a close and March is on the horizon already? Because I can’t. As we make our way through the first quarter of 2016 home trends are beginning to reveal themselves, and my oh my they are interesting and varied.

Metallic accents. 
I wouldn’t consider metallics in and of themselves to be anything new, rather it’s the way they’re being used that stands out. A few of my favorites include tinned ceilings and on walls, like in the wallpaper above.

Michaelis Boyd

Geometric tiling.
The geometric trend has made its way to tiles in 2016, most notably bathroom floors, backsplashes, and countertops. Depending on just how much you love geometric shapes and how bold you want to be, you can choose something more neutral like the above look or a more powerful color that’s sure to take centerstage.

Hotel Panache

Caned Furniture.
This might be my favorite. Caned furnitures offers a look that is both light in weight and modern in look, making it feel super fresh. Avoid those Florida retirement vibes by choosing a design that’s more simple than intricate.

Position Collective

Pegboards are maybe something you’ve used in your basement or garage for years, but how about the kitchen or in your office? Yes!!! What I love most about these guys is the ability to change things up. If the current configuration isn’t working for that tall vase you just bought and want to show off just change it!

Fey Handmade

Dark Grey.
You just knew a color was here, didn’t you? Dark gunmetal grey plays perfectly well with those metallics mentioned above, with the ability to even act as one itself. It’s softer than black with that very same dramatic impact and the ability to mix any color or pattern in.


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Trend Watch: Folklore Decor Inspiration


If you like boho style–with its global influence, layered textiles, and relaxed vibe–you’ll love its latest evolution! Introducing folklore-inspired interiors, which take their cue from early American style as well as from the handicrafts of Central America. Folklore decor is a little less glam and a bit more primitive than boho, making it great if you love colorful, handmade pieces but also lean towards a restrained approach to decorating.

Folklore 2

Get the look with traditional pieces such as patchwork quilts, embroidered throw pillows, rustic wall hangings, and unfinished wood furnishings. Focus on a subdued palette of sunbleached neutrals, then accent this foundation with needlework in either bright hues like turquoise and geranium for a ‘south of the border’ effect, or nature-sourced shades like burnt sienna and olive to conjure a sophisticated southwestern sensibility. The result will be a warm and welcoming space with serious personality!

Photos (top to bottom): Domaine HomeDustjacket Attic, Old Brand New

Shopping Guide: 1. Quiltwork Rug 2. Wood Accent Table 3. Embroidered Throw Pillow 4. Desert Art 5. Cowhide Rug

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