The Fringe Factor

Fringed Wall Lamp in Gold and Green
Out There Interiors

You’ve noticed it too, right? Fringe is officially back in the interior design game. The resurfaced trend offers texture and dimension to any number of decorating elements and can be approached from either a luxe or boho angle. Read on to check out a few ways to embrace the trend before you delve right into – or out of – this back from the dead look!

Accomplish equal parts function and elegance with a fringed light fixture like the one above. Whether it’s a pair of pendants bringing a pop of color into the bedroom or a larger chandelier perched over the dining room table, a fringed fixture is bound to make a statement.

Fringed Wall Art

The fringe trend began its reemergence with fiber wall art’s popularity and has steadily gained momentum since. This type of art is perfect for adding a bohemian touch to your space without breaking the bank because it’s so easy to DIY a simple piece. Make one large statement hanging or group various sizes together to showoff a collection like the living room above does so well. (Or look to purchase from the pros for a more intricate piece!)

Fringe Basket
Fringe and Forest

Some of my favorite fringed pieces are low-key, like the accent on a woven basket or a simple throw pillow. Both will add a touch of fringed flair to your home without looking like you’ve gone all in or being too much of a financial investment. They’ll also help to keep some of those warm weather vibes around that you’re sure to miss come winter.

Emma Blackout Fringe Window Curtain
Urban Outfitters

Speaking of winter, think ahead a little to getting cozy – even if it seems difficult in September. A set of fringed curtains in a dark and moody hue will help to keep the warmth of the indoors where it belongs and create a sanctuary for those chillier months. Pro Tip: Put them in the bedroom if you’d like to block out the light for weekend sleeping in!

Out There Interiors 1
Out There Interiors

One way to incorporate fringe into your life in what’s sure to be a lasting way is through floor rugs. Nothing takes one from so-so to oh wow like a tasseled edge – you can see six of my favorites below!

Fringe Rugs

1/ Surya Restoration   2/ Surya Berber Shag
3/ Nourison Kamala   4/ Surya Laural
5/ Dynamic Rugs Metro   6/ Surya Restoration

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Stylish Houseplants for a Happier Home

Houseplants are having a serious design moment and with good reason! Living plants help purify the air, add personality to your abode, and can even make your space look bigger. Inspiration and tips for curating your own personal houseplant collection are ahead.

Old Brand New
Old Brand New

Plants add oxygen to the air and increase our connection with nature, making them a great choice for the home office. To keep your actual desk clear, position potted plants on floating shelves above and around your work area as shown here. A setup like this is surprisingly budget-friendly to put together because you can use itty bitty plants — and those are much cheaper than the big guys. Intersperse a few shiny objects, like a glass terrarium and a metallic vase, to make the whole arrangement pop.

Plant Style FP via Decor8
Plant Style
by Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal via Decor8

Have an unused fireplace? Fill it with plants! Play up texture by selecting pots in a range of materials, from woven baskets to hand-thrown ceramics. And don’t forget to position a few small potted plants on the mantle — trailing varieties work especially well here.


One of the best parts of bringing in more houseplants is choosing cute planters to put them in. Scoop up anything that catches your eye, from handmade Etsy finds to vintage pots at yard sales. Pots and planters with faces on them make a fun addition — tuck one in among your plain pots to perk things up. And don’t be afraid to buy the pots before you have plants to put in them. You can always swing by a nursery (or even Trader Joe’s) to buy a plant, but if you bring a plant home and don’t have a pot, that’s a problem!

Architectural Digest

To make your plants into a focal point, take a cue from this space and paint a dramatic backdrop to play up the greenery. Bold, rich colors really sing in a plant-filled space, so consider deep green, turquoise, or even black. Give your plants some height by using wall-mounted and hanging planters, and setting a few pots on tables and pedestals, or lined up on bookshelves.

Plant Styling Book via Decor8
Plant Style
by Alana Langan and Jacqui Vidal via Decor8

If you have trouble remembering to water your plants, set an alarm on your phone to help you out. And to keep your plants really happy, take a few extra minutes each time you water to dust large leaves with a rag and trim back any overgrown bits with sharp scissors. Once you start adding plants to your home, I think you’ll find that they are the finishing touch you didn’t even realize you were missing.

Botanical Rugs

Rug Shopping Guide (clockwise from top left): Oriental Weavers Tommy Bahama Atrium in green and ivory; Kaleen Sea Isle in green; Liora Manne Capri Palm Leaf in blue; KAS Catalina Island Breeze in green and blue.

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6 Unexpected Places to Use Wallpaper

via Stadshem

Wallpaper – it’s not just for the walls these days. The returning trend of huge, beautiful patterns doesn’t need to be relegated to one surface, instead consider all of your options. Anywhere in your home that’s asking for a little (or a lot) of pattern is fair game, and when you add in all of the removable options that exist, your options unfold exponentially. One use that I’m considering for my own home can be seen above, on the kitchen island. Paired with that oversized butcher block countertop it’s an unexpected dream!

If you prefer a platform bed or are feeling noncommittal might I recommend creating a faux headboard with a favorite wallpaper pattern? Not only can it easily be changed out with whatever decor you’re currently feeling, but it also doesn’t have to break the bank. I particularly love this idea for renters and college students who may only have a bed frame because it offers so much personality to a bedroom.

Maybe you’re minimal enough to have open cabinets in your kitchen, but are still aching for a little something extra. Think about wallpapering the back wall of each cabinet. Not only will the right pattern create a stunning backdrop for whatever you place in the cabinets, it will also act as the only art you’ll need in the kitchen.

One of my favorite ways to put wallpaper to work in an unconventional fashion is one that makes you look up! A clean pattern design like the one used here makes this office space look indescribably classy, almost creating a modern version of tin tiles in the process. The sputnik chandelier and luxe blue velvet armchair further up the class level in this lovely space.

I’d never entertained the idea of wallpapering a fireplace until seeing this one because WOW. I love that this could act as a fast fix for one that needs to be redone or as an easy facelift when you want an affordable update. Go big and bold like this dining room that’s full of character and charm or back off a bit with a more muted and refined pattern – no matter what I think it’s a super smart decorating solution.

Wallpapering a staircase is so unexpected and eye-catching! This is another idea I’m considering for my own home because it has a curved staircase that would become such an amazing element with the right pattern. I really love the graphic appeal and detail the wallpaper brings to this space.

How would you use wallpaper besides your walls?

Wallpaper Inspired Rugs

1/ Surya Quartz  2/ Oriental Weavers Tommy Bahama Atrium
3/ Dalyn St Croix  4/ Safavieh Courtyard II
5/ Rizzy Home Zingaro  6/ Artistic Weavers Stella Dalmation

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Nail the Look: Desert Modern

A little bit midcentury, a touch bohemian, and a whole lot of warm Southwest texture and textiles makes up this popular look. If your dream home is a cool adobe in Joshua Tree with a pottery studio out back, you’re in the right place. Read on for interior inspiration and practical get-the-look tips to bring desert modern style home, no matter where you live.

Emily Henderson

Furniture: This is where the modern in desert modern comes in. Think vintage mid-century modern pieces in warm wood tones, like the bookshelf shown here. Sofas and chairs with simple, straight shapes work well, as do campaign furniture (like the folding leather stool seen here) and woven pieces.

Accessories: A few small accent pieces can go a long way towards creating a great desert modern look. Poke around in thrift shops, mineral stores, and antique fairs for hunks of crystal, cool rocks, and vintage pottery. Use your finds to perk up bookshelves, hold down a stack of papers on your desk, or add interest to your coffee table.

Design Sponge

Textiles: Bring warmth to simple, clean-lined modern pieces (like the sofa and pendant light shown here) with rich, colorful, southwest-inspired textiles. A great big rug in the living room is a great way to ground the space and set the color palette.

Style Me Pretty

Lighten up: What sets desert modern style apart from straight-up southwest or desert style is a lighter touch. Instead of bringing in lots of heavy, rustic wood furniture and painting the walls in earth tones, lighten things up with airy wire furniture legs, crisp white walls, and delicate vases of flowers.

Apartment Therapy

Cultivate your desert garden: Thankfully, cacti and succulents make excellent houseplants no matter where you live! Bring in little terracotta or handmade pots and fill them with a variety of cacti to create your own mini-southwestern indoor garden. Don’t have a green thumb? Consider picking up an art print or photo featuring desert-inspired plant motifs instead.

Desert Modern Rug Shopping Guide (clockwise from top left): Surya Scion Tribal rug; Safavieh Aspen rug; Rizzy Home Tumble Weed Loft rug; Nourison Tribal Decor rug in red.

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