Pretty In Pink

I’m gonna put it all out there. I love pink (ok, and Molly Ringwald too), but hands down it’s one of my favorite colors. Every single shade from blush to bubblegum to hot pink to coral to deep dark magenta, pink makes me squeal with delight. Lucky for me, Pantone announced Rose Quartz as color of the year, so pink is trending – especially in home decor. No longer is pink only for Barbie and her Malibu dream house. No way José. This color is simple, modern, and beautiful.

Via Dwell

There are so many ways to celebrate this fantastic color in your own home. You can be bold and make a statement with bright splashes or keep it subtle with hits of soothing bashful blush. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Woah, she’s crazy. Pink is soooooo not versatile”, but i beg to differ. Let’s look as some of my favorite pink color combinations, shall we?


See, I told you pink wasn’t just for little girls and grandmas. Pink can be sophisticated, glam, or romantic.

Via Russell Smith

Another thing to keep in mind when decorating with pink is that you don’t have to stick to one shade. Experiment a bit by mixing fuschia with blush for balance. You want to be impactful, not distracting.

Have I convinced you to add in some pink to your home decor? Where would you put it? In the bedroom? Living room? Dining room? I presently have pink and navy in my bedroom and am gearing up to decorate my dining room with the same color pairing. Here are a few of my favorite rugs that will make pink shine in your room and give your space that “Wow” factor.


1 Surya – Zahra – Magenta, Teal, Eggplant

2 Loloi Rugs – Lola Shag – Blush, Ivory

3 Loloi Rugs – Lola Shag – Pink, Purple

4 Jaipur Rugs – Ann – Raggedy – Red

5 Oriental Weavers – Kaleidoscope – Pink, Navy 

6 Surya – Luna – Coral, Sea Foam, Lemon, Violet

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Lovely Layering

The look of layered rugs is trending right now and there’s oh so many reasons why you should do it. Maybe you picked up one that you love but it’s too small, and you need a larger rug under it to hold the space. Maybe you want to add some texture to give your space that extra pop. Either way, we’re here to teach you how to layer a rug like a pro. Ready? Let’s get at it.

Image Via MyDomaine | Photo by Ryan Ford

The basic rule of thumb is to keep it simple by choosing only one rug with a pattern. I personally like the idea of a simple jute or sisal rug under a pattern or hide rug. These natural fiber rugs tend to be rather affordable, so having them as the larger, bottom piece makes layering rugs more affordable…especially if you are looking at a 10’ X 14’ rug.

Image via MyDomaine | Photo By Julia Brenner

Looking to duplicate the look above? Check out these great options!


Surya Jute Natural Bleached Rug


Safavieh Sisal Rug


Top with this fabulous Loloi Rug

However, that doesn’t mean if you already have an existing larger rug with a pattern that you can’t make the layered look happen. If this is the case, look at layering a textured, shag, or flokati rug over the larger, busier pattern rug. The mixing of texture, will make for a very unique space.

Image via Apartment Therapy | Photo by: Jill Slater and Trevor Tondro

By layering your rugs, you’ve created a focal point in your space. Here are a few examples of what we think will make your space cozy, warm and inviting. What do you think?

Moroccan Medley


Bottom – Safavieh Natural Fiber
Top – Safavieh Cambridge Navy (available in additional colors)

Cozy Corner


Bottom – Surya Zahra
Top – Surya Candice Olson Whisper (available in additional colors)

Ikat See You


Bottom – Safavieh Natural Fiber (available in additional colors)
Top – Surya Frontier

For more inspiration from Kyla, follow along with her at House of Hipsters!

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Fashion Translation: Modern Folk

My love of ‘70s style is well-documented here on TRENDCenter. The easiest way to latch onto this fashion trend is through color, but today I want to talk about the lack of color in a way that feels modern, but still embraces the folk vibe of this era. The key here is to embrace a solid white background. Don’t go totally optic white (i.e. where it feels very cool and sterile). Instead, go for more of a vintage vibe with a warm white. Not quite ivory and not beige. While totally simple, the right shade of white is what veers this look toward a modern edginess.

Photo Credit: Chloé Fall 2016 ready-to-wear via Vogue

Once you’ve nailed down the perfect shade of antiqued white, it’s time to layer on the color. I’m personally partial to pretty much any hue of orange when it comes to this Modern Folk trend. Tangerine, terracotta, persimmon, amber… I love ‘em all! Shake things up by adding in small pops of color in shades of pale pink, dusty blue, lavender, and charcoal grey.

Then, in terms of pattern, the sky’s the limit. Lately I’ve been loving two-color geometric rugs that feel Moroccan-inspired, but still really modern.

Which of these picks is your favorite?

Rug Shopping Guide:

Couristan Super Indo-Natural rug

Safavieh Wyndham rug

Safavieh Barcelona shag rug

Couristan Mesquite Bayou rug

Geoloom Carousel dots rug

Safavieh Moroccan shag rug

Feizy Rugs Raphia rug

Surya Frontier rug

For more inspiration from Joanna, follow along with her at Jojotastic!

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Part V: Rug + Room

One of my favorite parts of decorating is adding those textural touches that make people stop and stare. A pillow here, a throw blanket over there, and yes most definitely a rug on the floor. While it’s completely possible for a room to look pulled together without one, it definitely feels better underfoot with.

I love this little dining area with a small table featuring hairpin legs and industrial-style chairs. Morning coffee would be so cozy perched upon those sheepskins, the light just pouring through the window. I’d keep the bright, serene feeling that’s happening by adding a rug full of watery blues, grey, and whites.


If you have the space I’m a firm believer in adding a floor rug in the bathroom. Not only will it add some wonderful texture, it will also earn its keep by absorbing small amounts of water when you finish bathing. I love the clean lines in this bathroom, but a nice rug could add some lovely pattern and a touch of rich color that wouldn’t compete with the architectural details already in place.


I either want to take a long nap in this bed or jump around on top of it just to muss the covers! My bedroom is similar with barely grey walls, all white bedding, and crazy good morning light. I’d simply pick up on some of the warm tones in the wood with the addition of a rug featuring gold and salmon tones.


This modernized traditional dining space is the stuff dreams are made of. The white built-ins paired with the black buffets look even more amazing with the addition of the dark table and light chairs. I’d play up the style that’s already going on by adding a large, faded traditional floor rug right in the center.


Some people are anti floor rug when it comes to the kitchen, but not me. A rug can make any space feel more livable, and if you spend a lot of time entertaining or cooking in your kitchen why not extend it to that room? (A good spot cleaner will help ease your mind.) This beauty of a kitchen features sky-high ceilings and some pattern that’s already in place. While you could easily add a solid color floor rug that doesn’t complete with the floor or backsplash, I’d go with something like this softly striped one. The warm neutrals keep to the color palette being used and the simple design doesn’t pull your eyes.

For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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