Fashion Translation: Desert Hues

Can you even believe it’s July? I, for one, cannot. It seems like just yesterday I was carrying around an extra sweater to take away the chill in the morning and once the sun goes down for the day… but now the days are longer and the colors are reminiscent of the desert, both in my home and in my wardrobe.

There’s something about desert hues that just feels so right for summer, especially as the months get hotter and longer. Spice tones are a great accent for both fashion and home. When I think of this theme, I’m especially drawn to rope details, kilim patterns, even textural monochromatic neutrals.The vibe is really casual and relaxed, with lots of layering but in a light, airy sort of way. For example, I’d totally pair together both of these great patterned pillows from Surya. Or even asymmetrically layer the oval rope rug over the more pattern-dense kilim. This look is definitely all about the layers.

Photo Credit: Vogue UK via Honestly WTF.

Desert Hue Shopping Guide:

Surya Beth Lacefield Pillow

Surya Candice Olson Pillow

Jaipur Rugs Bedouin rug

Homespice Decor Hudson rug


There’s also something about this trend that feels very bohemian to me, too. Maybe it’s all of the global, vintage-inspired patterns or the dusty, neutral tones, but this is exactly what I envision when I daydream about having a yurt in the middle of Joshua Tree one day.

Photo Credit: Mango via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Desert Hue Shopping Guide:

Karastan Panel Kirman rug

Anji Mountain jute collection rug

Loloi Xavier rug


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Mood Board to Room: Decorating with Mint Green

Creating your own mood board doesn’t need to be complicated, and it can really help zero in on the look, color scheme, and style you are are most drawn to. A mood board is simply a collection of images and objects that you love gathered in one place. You can cut out images from magazines and pin them to a bulletin board alongside snippets of ribbon, paint swatches, and found items; collect inspiring bits and bobs in a tray; or create a digital pinboard using a free photo editing program or a site like Pinterest. Whichever method you choose, if you want to use your mood board as inspiration for a real room, the key is to begin looking for themes in what you love.

I’ve pulled together some images featuring fresh, minty green, to show how a mood board can be used to draw out an interior scheme. A half dozen or so images is a good place to begin, because it’s enough to give you some good ideas and material, but not so much as to overwhelm or dilute your main concept. Once you have your favorite images chosen, take a moment to study what you like about each one. What makes the photo “work” for you? In this mood board, for example, I notice I am drawn to mint green paired with lots of crisp white, natural wood, taupe, pale pink, and soft gray. A wash of soft mint works well either on the walls or floor (never both at once); or as an accent on furniture.

Now you can begin to get a bit more specific and think about your space. If you own your home (or have an understanding landlord) perhaps you will decide to paint the walls soft, minty green. If you rent, rolling out a new mint-green rug or painting some thrift store furniture with mint-hued chalk paint can update your space without breaking the bank – and you can take it all with you if you move!

If it’s a rug that you’re choosing, consider whether you want it to be an eye-catching highlight of the room, a soft and subtle background hue, or something in between. In the dining room, where the other features are likely to remain the same for some time, laying down a beautiful patterned rug (like the marbled version shown above) is a great way to bring personality to the space. In the living room, consider a lush, solid-hued rug (like this one) as a backdrop for printed pillows that change with the seasons.

How would you use mint green? Share your ideas in the Comments!

Rug Shopping Guide: 1. Surya Banshee in mint and light gray 2. Momeni Laguna in mint 3. Surya Picnic in mint and taupe 4. Surya Opera in emerald, slate, and mint 5. Surya Mystique in mint

Image Sources (from top to bottom): Interior Magasinet; SF Girl By Bay; decor8; art piece by Matt Wisniewski

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How to Mix + Layer Rugs

Desire to Inspire
Desire to Inspire

Floor rugs can be flat-out fun. Living in my first home with wood floors I’m quickly realizing this truth, as well as just how creative I can get by layering different sizes, textures, patterns, and colors. A new combination can be mixed and matched simply be moving rugs around between rooms for an entirely new look and feel.

One of my favorite ways to layer is to overlap a smaller rug on a larger one. There are no rules though — one can be plain while the other is patterned, one bright the other subdued, the list goes on. The look above highlights the smaller rug and coffee table in the center, but you could also opt to overlap on an edge. It just all depends on your own personal taste.

Apartment 34

Along those same lines, I love this use of two similarly sized rugs that could both be considered neutrals lined up perfectly on top of one another. The end result is classic and sophisticated.
At the other end of the design spectrum lies these patterned rugs; one distinctly more subdued than the other’s bold color and pattern. Yes, they just work so well together in this otherwise minimal space with limited color.

Camille Styles

Lastly, let’s talk texture…this is a great example above. The rougher jute rug layered underneath is perfectly complemented by the super soft rug on top. Another reason these work so well together is the neutral palette, including the patterns.

Would you ever, or do you already, layer rugs?


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How to Get a Beach Style Bath

Beach Bathroom

Does beach style makes you think of over-decorated vacation rentals packed with kitschy finds? If so, you may be refreshed to find there is another (chicer) way to do coastal. For a bath makeover, start with a few inspired hues: serene ocean-inspired shades of blue, frothy white, and sun-bleached neutrals. Even if you’re not planning to remodel, you can repaint the walls, or perhaps give an old clawfoot tub a colorful makeover. Gather treasures along the shore from seaside cottages, and display them along narrow picture shelves painted the same watery hue as the walls for an easy, natural display.

Beachy Bath Style

Next, gather the essential details: stacks of fringed Turkish towels, woven baskets, and details made from driftwood will bring in a seaside spa ambiance. If you’re feeling crafty, clean up a branch washed up on the beach and hang it between two hooks as a towel rod alternative. Clear away the sinkside clutter, and streamline your routine. Getting the beach house vibe is as much about living an easy, simple lifestyle as it is about the look!


If you are planning a full-on bathroom remodel (lucky you!) consider ways to incorporate tactile natural materials. Smooth river stones make a wonderfully beachy material for showers and floors. And if you have the resources to add an outdoor shower, you can’t get much beachier than that!

Beach Bathroom Style

Because the bath tends to be one of the smallest spaces in the house, it is quite easy to change the look with just a few tweaks to the details. Replace a tired bath mat with one made from bamboo, or a bright and cheerful turquoise cotton rag rug that you can easily toss in the wash. Hang a fresh piece of art, swap out the shower curtain for something white and floaty, and soon your master bath or powder room will be transformed into a peaceful place to unwind.

Shopping Guide: (clockwise from top left) Beach One artworkTyler 4-drawer white storage cabinetArtistic Weavers Easy Home Delaney rug in teal; Anji Mountain bamboo bath mat.

Photo Sources: (from top to bottom) CococozyDomino MagazineMr. Jason Grant.

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