Secrets of Beach Cottage Style

Who doesn’t love escaping to the beach? If you live for summer, bring a little of the beach home with you by transforming your home (no matter how far from the coast you live) into a seaside-inspired, laid-back retreat that you can enjoy all year long. Read on for 3 secrets to beach cottage style.

Photo: Domino Magazine

Secret #1: A beach-inspired color palette. Take a moment and picture your favorite beach. What colors do you see? No matter where your dream beach is located, it likely includes white or beige sand, and miles of blue sea and sky. If you stick with this blue, white, and natural/beige color palette, you are already well on your way to nailing beach cottage style. One trick to creating the kind of beachy mood you want is to pay close attention to the shade of blue you choose: if you want to create a nautical New England vibe, go with deeper navy and royal blues; if the Caribbean is more your cup of tea, aqua and turquoise should be your go-to blues.

Photo: Domino Magazine

Secret No. 2: Casual materials. Beach cottages are casual, easygoing spaces meant for barefoot living…in other words, not the place for stiff or fussy materials. To perfect the beach cottage look, you have to think imperfect: worn wood, chippy painted pieces, crisp cotton and rumpled linen, matchstick blinds, and easy-care indoor-outdoor rugs are a beach cottage’s best friends.

Photo: Design Sponge

Secret No. 3: Reminders of the sea. Beach style decor sometimes gets a bad rap for being too overdone (think, nautical ropes and buoys everywhere) but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of raiding the marine supply shop, fill your home gradually with meaningful pieces that speak to what you love about the beach. This could include shells and smooth stones picked up on beach walks, a photo from your last vacation in a simple white frame, or vintage art in shades of blue that you found while treasure-hunting at a local flea market.

I think what I love most about beach cottage style is the anything-goes attitude: want to hang a giant mermaid sign on the wall? Go for it! Feel like changing things up? Grab a bunch of photo postcards and tape them to the wall above your bed. As long as it makes you happy, you’re doing it right.

Rug Shopping Guide (clockwise from top left): Jaipur Rugs Indoor-Outdoor Aquatics in nautical blue and green; Surya Lighthouse rug in teal and beige; Surya Escape rug in powder blue and white; Loloi Rugs Venice Beach in blue.

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Cool Concrete Floors

desire to inspire
Desire to Inspire

One thing I know if I ever move back to a warmer climate, and that’s that I want (need?) concrete floors, from the outside all the way through the inside. They’re so cool in ever sense of the word, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to what they look like. If the traditional grey look isn’t for you, well, you’re in luck because concrete can be stained, patterned, and more.


One obvious place to use concrete – that I’ve admittedly never considered – is the bathroom. Just think about how easy it would be to clean, and little you’d worry about anything getting wet! Genius at work really.

Adrienne Breaux

Concrete has the ability to take an already industrial space to the next level almost instantly. The white walls, stainless steel, and wood accents of the kitchen above show just how homey a concrete floor can be.

Lovely Life

This glossy version might be my favorite. The floor manages to look like a watery surface just waiting to be broken with a footstep! Add a blue wash and you’re all set.

Dustjacket Attic

The texture and variation a concrete floor can add to your home is anything but boring. It can work in a minimal space or just the opposite. They give off a casual vibe that makes a space feel all the more relaxed, add a few floor rugs and you have an eclectic look that’s all your own.

Rugs Direct

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Designer Spotlight: Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade’s rooms are mix-and-match affairs of hand-curated pieces acquired from travels near and far. She loves to layer all things sublime, sumptuous and exquisitely formed (and hide the rest in a cabinet). Creativity and cleverness are her most valuable assets. She’s not afraid to make mistakes. Behind every door, color and humor abound — as do fresh flowers, (almost) always. Her motto: buy what you love and you’ll never go wrong.

Inspired by some of the company’s iconic patterns and colors, Kate Spade New York’s collection of rugs, decorative pillows and throws present exciting and playfully sophisticated designs that encourage personal style with a dash of whimsical charm. Tapping into its extensive print archive, Kate Spade New York chose timeless favorites to seamlessly transition from fashion accessories to the home. The collection of rugs, decorative pillows and throws tells a classic Kate Spade New York story through a sense of adventure and audacious femininity.

Welcome to Kate Spade New York home.

Kate Spade Rugs 2
Kate Spade Gramercy Woodgrain rug in Black and Ivory

Kate Spade Rugs 4
Kate Spade Gramercy Double Border rug in Black and White

Kate Spade Rugs 3
Kate Spade Gramercy Leopard Ikat rug in Gray and Ivory 

Kate Spade Rugs

Click here to check out the full Kate Spade New York rug collection. Enjoy!

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How to Decorate with White

White looks cozy in winter and beachy in summer, it’s clean and uplifting, and best of all, it’s incredibly easy to work with. If you love the look of white spaces, but want to make sure your beautiful white rooms never come across as cold, clinical, or boring, read on because these tips are for you!

Photo: Domino Magazine

Think of white as a canvas for color. I love changing up the look of my home fairly regularly, and using a white “base” can make this so much easier. In the living room shown here, for example, a white sofa, coffee table, walls, and shelving provide the framework, and the lavender and leopard print cushions add a fun pop of color. This makes working with color super easy, because in such a small dose you can be quite bold and it will always work!

Photos: top, Rachel Ashwell; others Domino Magazine

Add texture. If you prefer to keep things very monochromatic, that can absolutely work, too! The thing to remember is, the less color you have in a room, the more texture you should add. Think of beautifully textured wood floors, fluffy rugs and sheepskins, natural fibers, and woven baskets. All of these things will help your eye read the space as warm, inviting, and interesting, even without any color!

When in doubt, add a bouquet! In my humble opinion, no white room should ever be without a small bouquet of flowers. Even a single bloom in a bud vase can add that much-needed pop of visual interest to a space. Notice that in every single photo I have chosen to illustrate this post…there are flowers!

Rug Shopping Guide (clockwise from top left): Feizy Rugs Indochine in white; Safavieh Tibetan 100 in white; Surya Grizzly Shag in white; Martha Stewart Rugs Hand Knotted Piazza Rug in milk white.

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