Fashion Translation: Springtime Pastels

These spring months always feel so fresh after months and months of dark neutrals, mostly thanks to all of those gorgeous, powdery pastels we start to see in stores and fashion ads. Gone are the days of your grandmother’s pastels — instead these hues feel modern and vibrant, despite their toned down vibes. And there are two key colors for this spring: sky blue and lilac.

Sky Blue

When it comes to sky blue in the home, a light touch is a great approach lest you veer too… baby boy nursery. Instead, I like my pastel blues to be mixed with a tinged of grey so that they take on a silvery sheen of sorts. And, because blue is so easy to coordinate, I suggest keeping the pattern and texture of your rugs understated. This allows for easy mixing and matching within the home.

Photo Credit: Vogue Portugal via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Sky Blue Shopping Guide:

Safavieh rag rug

Jaipur Rugs Kelle rug

Jaipur Rugs tangier rug

Nourison Karma rug


Then there is lilac… my thoughts on this trend for the home are such: go big or go home. If you’re going to pack a purple punch within your home, you might as well go all out with the statement. I’m talking bohemian, global patterns, vibrant gradients, and abstract modern color combinations. While not for the faint of heart, this trend is a surefire way to freshen your home for spring.

Photo Credit: Stylist Magazine via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Lilac Shopping Guide:

Surya Pazar rug

Surya Chaz rug

Surya Watercolor rug

Safavieh Wyndham rug

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8 Ideas for Decking Out Your Craft Space


If you dream of having the time and space to indulge your creative passions, from sewing and crafting to painting and woodworking, the first step is setting up an inspiring and well-organized craft corner. Read on for eight ideas to get started.


1. Use a pegboard. Paint one of these hardware store staples in any color, and use it to keep your crafting essentials close at hand above your workspace. Hang scissors and other tools from simple s-hooks, or attach a bevvy of baskets, bins, and shelves to house all manner of crafty goodness.

2. Put favorite wares on display. Entice yourself to craft by placing lusciously soft yarns in a woven basket, display a rainbow of thread spools on a wooden stand, or colorful washi tapes on a desktop dispenser. Seeing your supplies at the ready is sure to lure you to sit down and craft for a spell.

3. Include storage for works-in-progress. We all have those half-finished projects laying about, but they don’t need to take up precious workspace when you’re not in the mood to work on them. Devote a shelf or two to hold labeled boxes or bins of in-progress projects. Keeping these items neat also makes it more appealing to get back to them!


4. Transform a closet into a craft cupboard. Short on space? Declutter a little-used closet, and you may find you have more room than you thought to devote to crafting materials! Replace the closet doors with chic printed drapes for easier access and a hit of color and pattern.

5. Use hardworking flooring. Bare floors that can be easily washed are ideal, but for a bit of color and softness, consider introducing an area rug. Sturdy indoor-outdoor versions are ideal for the craft space, since they can be taken outdoors and hosed off as needed.


6. Use rolling storage carts. Bring storage right where you need it, and wheel it away when not in use with one of these handy carts. These also make great storage for kids’ artwork and homework supplies.

7. Use a dining table as your work surface. A little-used formal dining room can make a spectacular craft space. A large table is ideal for spreading out large projects; just be sure to protect the surface with a plastic or oilcloth cover if you’re planning to eat dinner there!

8. Introduce a bit of whimsy. A craft space should inspire. Pick and choose a few details that make you smile whenever you see them, and incorporate these into your personal space to make crafting a joy. Consider including artwork, twinkle lights, an inspiration board, or a few colorful throw pillows. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could even whip up a stool “skirt” from an old ruffled apron, as seen here in the studio of artist Kelly Rae Roberts!


When pulling together your craft space, a great place to start is with a beautiful storage piece, like the etagere shown here. Keep all of your favorite tools and supplies in one place, and crafting time will be a pleasure. Pull the room together with a colorful indoor-outdoor rug, a work table, and a piece of art that you love.

Do you craft? Where is your favorite place to work on your projects? Tell us in the Comments!

Shopping Guide: (clockwise from top right) Small Blue Linen III by Megan Meagher; Safavieh Four Seasons rug in gray; Safavieh Colonial Collection Gavin Wood Walnut Etagere.

Image Sources: (from top to bottom) home of Mandy Pellegrin on A Beautiful Mess; stylist Chip Cordelli for Real Simple; Kelly Rae Roberts.

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Part III: Rug + Room

Rug + Room

Let’s play matchmaker between a few bare-floored rooms and the floor rugs they didn’t know were out there waiting for them all along. First up is this beautiful bedroom full of natural textures and neutral hues. I’d add in a a vintage-inspired rug in varying tones of gray to make the space feel more grounded and give your eye a place to gravitate towards and rest.

Rug + Room 2

I love the combination of styles and pieces in this lovely dining space. The modern legs paired with the rustic tabletop, the contemporary light fixture and sideboard mixed with the spindled chairs are the perfect balance of new and traditional design. I’d layer it all over a deep blue rug with a bit of a worldly graphic pattern and call it a day.
Rug + Room 3

This little area feels so breezy and summery! The great light, neutral tones, and minimal decor all lend themselves to creating a relaxing environment that you can almost see yourself relaxing in. I’d add some texture to the space in the form of a natural fiber rug, so as to not detract from the vibe.
Rug + Room 4

This kitchen seems like it’s seen some good times and lots of delicious meals. Maybe a dinner party or ten? The distinctive layered style is just that — original — and I don’t want to detract from it. However I would like to add something complimentary on the floor, like this butter yellow rug. A pro tip for using rugs in the kitchen is to choose something that will hide small spills and marks until you can get around to cleaning them. This one fits the bill exceptionally well.

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Cheer up, Buttercup! Using Yellow in the Home.

The color of sunshine, daffodils, and fresh-squeezed lemonade, yellow is an unabashedly happy hue. Why not wake up your living space this spring with a healthy dose of this sunny hue? Read on for totally doable color inspiration.


The living room is a great place to experiment with a fresh, seasonal color palette. Keep your big pieces (sofa, wall color) neutral, and have fun with a bright rug, throw pillows, and accessories.


Curtains and throws are another easy place to experiment with color. To save a little cash on curtains, pick up cheerful fabric and create a no-sew hem with iron on fabric tape. Simple clip drapery rings to the top, and you’re good to go! Keep your room feeling light and bright by adding a mirror, and (especially if your space is small) consider swapping out a hefty coffee table for a light-as-air acrylic version.

Ready for a more long-term commitment to color? A gorgeous yellow wallpaper, like the one shown here (it’s Cow Parsley from Cole & Son) would make a bold statement in the bedroom or entryway.



Artwork in a hue you love can completely transform a space, and provide a jumping-off point for an entire decorating scheme. Start with the art, and pull a color (like the vibrant yellow shown here) to repeat in a rug and pillows for a finished look.


Sunny, happy yellow is surprisingly versatile. Try it alongside gray, aqua, spring green, or teal for a vibrant spring look. And when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with lemon yellow and white.

Do you love yellow? Share how you use this daring hue in your home in the Comments!

Rug Shopping Guide: (clockwise from top left) Surya Florence Broadhurst Turnabouts pillow in gold and ivory; Surya Florence Broadhurst Shadow Floral pillow in lemon; Surya Florence Broadhurst Spotted Floral pillow in gold and ivory; Momeni Geo rug in yellow; Trans Oceans Imports Liora Manne Ravella rug in yellow; Foreign Accents Festival Rug in gray and canary yellow.

Photo Credits: (from top to bottom) Brunelleschi ConstructionLonny MagazineFlorence FindsCamellia Interiors.

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