Texture! Texture! Texture!

While pinning my face off the other night, I noticed something interesting. Each drool-worthy space had little to no color, yet I was drawn to them like a moth to the flame. Every image was captivating. Now I have one room in my home decorated in all neutrals, but normally I’m a, “shazam, look at all that color”, kinda girl. So I started examining what exactly was drawing me into these simple yet intricate rooms.

via House Of Hipsters

Way back in the day, I worked for a furniture store, and the VP of Merchandising told me interiors were, “a beige, beige world”. At the time, she was referring to the world of sofas, but suddenly I found that phrase running through my head…only this time, in a good way. A really good way. After analyzing the taupe, beige, and cream spaces, it hit me. Each room oozed texture! Jute on rattan on sheepskin on wool on linen on cotton, oh my! Add in some brass to bounce light around the room and lemme tell you, you’ve got some serious eye candy happening.

Warm. Inviting. Sophisticated. I wanted to sit on each bed or chair, curl up in a nook, and enjoy a cup of coffee. So how do you get that look for yourself? Well, first and foremost, channel Switzerland and stay neutral. Keep your pops of color to a minimum.

via The Design Files 

When it comes to hanging art on the wall, opt for something a bit more interesting…unique. Simple baskets, musical instruments, juju hats, or get crazy with vintage tennis rackets. Let it be something that represents you, but is also dimensional.

Patina on leather just gets better with age, but to jazz it up even more, drape a sheepskin, cable knit throw, or vintage wedding blanket over the armrest for added depth. Get even cozier with soft linen pillows.

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Want more visual interest? Ground the space with a Moroccan style rug or layer a beautiful shag over simple sisal. This added texture is a fun surprise and will warm up the room.


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Savavieh – Moroccan Shag

Nourison – Amour

Savavieh – Natural Fiber

So the next time you’re feeling stumped on what pattern might work in your space, turn everything on its head and try just adding in some texture for fun and see what happens.

For more inspiration from Kyla, follow along with her at House of Hipsters!

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5 Ways to Shake Up Your Bedroom

Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore

1. Paint the walls. Or maybe just one as an accent. Go with a really bold hue for impact, or go with something soothing to create a more relaxing space. Painting offers one of the biggest bangs for your buck, and when you’re ready for something new just cover it up and start over again.

Stil Inspiration

2. Hang some new art. Go oversized and replace your headboard. Consider a themed gallery wall. Or play with offsetting one smaller piece for some quirky flair. Whatever your preference, some fresh eye candy is sure to make your bedroom feel updated and ready for the new year.

The Marion House Book

3. Bring in some plants. Add some hearty, oversized greenery behind the headboard or create a small tabled jungle in front of the window. Not only will a few plants add some great color during the dreary months, they’ll also help clean the air.

Eco Chic

4. Use a rug as your headboard. Textile art is having a huge moment right now, so if you want to ride the trend train consider this tip. Grab your favorite style of rug and attach it to the wall above your bed in place of a headboard, it will bring some texture into an unexpected area of your room. And when you’re ready to change things up yet again, you can simply place it back in its intended space – on the floor.

The Everygirl

5. Layer rugs. If you’re feeling especially eclectic or boho – or maybe your floors are just extra cold this winter – layer floor rugs on top of one another for a slightly overlapping look. Mix texture, color, and pattern to create the perfect look for your space.

For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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5 Tips for a New Year Tidy Up

January brings with it the promise of fresh starts and new goals. If you’ve been wishing for a more organized space, why not take advantage of the energy a fresh new year brings, and get your space neat and tidy? Clearing the clutter from your home means less time spent looking for lost items, less time cleaning (because you’ll have less stuff to clean!), and perhaps most importantly, a more peaceful and relaxing feeling home. Ready to get started? Follow these 5 tips for a beautifully organized, clutter-free space in the new year and beyond.



1. Get inspired. This is where all of those glossy magazines (and Pinterest!) come into play – browse through some inspiring sites + publications until you hit upon a few images with an aesthetic that really speaks to you. Cut out the images (or print them) and post them somewhere you can see them while you work on organizing your space. When you feel your motivation flagging, go back to your inspiration images for a quick perk-up.

2. Block out time. I like to think of clutter clearing and organizing as “me time”, because I find it helps to put a positive spin on the experience. Look at your calendar for the month ahead, and pencil in at least one block of time per week to dedicate to getting your house in order.


3. Toss, keep, or replace. As you sort through your belongings, first consider whether you need the item at all. In order to really make a change in the way your home looks and feels, you will likely need to let a lot of things go, so don’t be shy about saying goodbye to stuff that you don’t use, or simply doesn’t feel like you. Anything you adore and use is a keeper. Some items you may use, but not love, and these should go on your “consider replacing” list. If you have any rugs that need replacing or upgrading, consider going with a flat-weave, like the ones shown above: their flat surface makes them easier to keep fresh and clean. If you must have your shaggy flokati or Moroccan beni ourain, keep it in the bedroom far from foot traffic!

4. Let one stand for many. Sometimes parting with things is really tough. When it comes to things like photographs and children’s artwork, it really helps to think of choosing the best example to stand in for the group. This allows you to honor your emotional attachment to the items, without needing to keep every single piece.

Photo Credits: Domino Magazine

5.  Make a place for everything. Organizing should actually come after clearing clutter, because you don’t have to organize what you no longer own! So focus on clearing clutter first, and then once you have pared back (and only then) take some time to consider where to store each category of item in your home. There are tons of creative storing and organizing ideas out there, and I’ve shown a few of my favorites above: try hanging items (towels, magazines, clothing) on a ladder; file papers in pretty magazine files; stash things in numbered bins; or hang items on a pegboard. Whichever method you choose, make sure it’s easy to use, and a pleasure to look at.

Once your home is all freshened up, get in the habit of regularly taking a bag of items to a charity donation center or consignment shop. I keep an empty reusable grocery bag on the floor of my hall closet, and place items to donate inside – when it’s full, I know it’s time to make a trip!

Is getting organized one of your resolutions this year? What’s the biggest organization trouble spot in your home? Share your thoughts in the Comments!

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Fashion Translation: Back to Basics

First things first…happy 2016! Now, onto what feels really pressing this time of year: resolutions. I’m taking it easy on myself this year and just trying to slow down, especially after the glut of the holidays. I find myself craving calm, simplicity, and ease. Whether it’s in my home or wardrobe, I’m feelin’ for a pared down look that is casual, tailored, and neutral.

back to basics

The color palette is pretty easy on the eyes — washed out shades of ivory and clean white, softer shades of grey, maybe even a small touch of denim. I feel like for the past few months, we’ve been surrounded with richer, darker colors that are super-saturated. My eyes need a rest!

Photo Credit: Brock Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection via Vogue.

back to basics 2

If you’re like me, it’s really tough to let go of the need for pattern, especially when embracing a more neutral, pared down color palette. If pattern is a must for you, I suggest keeping it simple with uncluttered geometrics, simple, striated stripes, maybe even a gorgeous grid pattern. This trend is also the perfect way to embrace texture, so try out a skeepskin rug or a modern take on the traditional braided rug!

Shopping Guide:

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Safavieh Barcelona shag rug

For more inspiration from Joanna, follow along with her at Jojotastic!

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