Outdoor Summer Decorating with Moroccan Style Rugs

Summer Decorating
With temperatures on the rise, it’s time to add a little spice to your summer decor! In your hunt for outdoor decorating inspiration, cast your eyes to the rich and exotic traditions of Morocco and you’ll find inspiration galore—because a culture that’s spent thousands of years beating the heat definitely knows a thing or two about keeping cool in style!

Summer Decorating2

This summer, turn your patio into an outdoor room full of colorful and graphic textiles inspired by Northern Africa. Create a low to the ground seating area anchored with patterned rugs made to withstand the elements. Printed accent pillows add a dynamic visual element as well as a comfortable spot to rest. Mix the land-meets-sea hues of the Mediterranean with stripes, mosaics, and Ikats, and brew up a refreshing pitcher of mint iced tea. Now sit back and welcome that cool twilight breeze!

Shopping Guide: 1. Graphic Rug 2. Ikat Rug 3. Moroccan Rug 4. Trellis Print Pillow 5. Floral Pillow 6. Mosaic Pillow

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Get a Beach Style Bedroom

Beach Bedroom

Wish you could bring the style and simple pleasures of a beach house vacation home, year-round? Creating a coastal vibe in your bedroom is a wonderful way to embrace the spirit of the beach, no matter where you live. But before you start shopping, take a moment to consider what it is you love most about staying by the shore. Is it the simplicity of living out of a suitcase? If so, you’ll want to start by decluttering. Is it the pure freshness of an all-white room? If that’s the case, you know what your color scheme will be! Or perhaps it’s something a bit less tangible, like having extra time to savor that first cup of coffee while reading a few pages of a great novel or flipping through a magazine before your day officially begins. Getting up a bit earlier in summer can be a satisfying way to feel like you have a bit of “vacation” time, even on weekday mornings.

Beach Bedroom2

When you’re ready to begin your beachy bedroom makeover, consider giving the space a fresh coat of white paint to kick things off. You can’t go wrong with white! Even if you would normally shy away from white floors, in the bedroom (with less foot traffic) it can be easier to keep this look clean. Top it with a simple, breezy natural fiber rug, and layer the bed with linens in shades of blue and driftwood gray. Woven accents, a collection of seashells, and vintage seaside art are perfect complements to this look.

Beach Bedroom3

Swap out heavy drapes or cumbersome shades for a light-as-air white curtains made from cotton voile, and your bedroom will feel instantly breezier. And if you’re short on curtain rods, no problem! A bamboo pole from the garden store, or even a long branch trimmed from outdoors can stand in, as shown above.

Beach Bedroom4

Do you have dark, heavy wood bedside tables? If so, consider swapping them out for something lighter, like the distressed white bookcase shown above. Fill it with sea-inspired coffee table books, beach reads, seashells, and driftwood, and top it with a mason jar filled with beach roses. Cover up dark flooring with a fresh, light rug in a beachy blue stripe, or a classic natural fiber rug, and toss a cute pillow on the bed.

Now it’s your turn: Are you a fan of beach style? How do you bring the beach home? Share your thoughts in the Comments!

Shopping Guide: (clockwise from top left) Loloi Rugs Piper rug in blue; Safavieh Colonial Bookcase; Jaipur Rugs Naturals Lucia rug in natural beige; Surya Contemporary Pillows Teori IX pillow in ivory and light gray.

Image Credits: Domino Magazine79 IdeasSkona Hem.

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Blushing: How to Use Blush Pink in the Home

Photo: derlys 

There’s something about the color blush. The name is perfectly fitting, the tone soft, and the result sweet (sometimes even sultry). Blush seems to be everywhere I look this month — in my friends’ wardrobes, in all of spring’s blooms, and most definitely in home decor.

When used correctly blush doesn’t have to be overtly feminine. Pair it with a calming grey for relaxation or a bold pattern for a modern aesthetic. You don’t have to go crazy, consider a half-painted wall or collection of accessories to bring the light pink into your space.

I love this room that features blush pink walls and strong black and white accents. The result is a graphic, polished finish that could be put to use in any room of your home. It also allows for a great mixing of styles – the modern lines of the soft with the traditional legs of the coffee table go together so well.

Take a look at this diagonal accent wall in the palest of pinks. In this office space the partnering of light grey and blush create a low-stress environment that will hopefully increase productivity in a creative way.

Nordic Design-2

You can also opt to go all in, like this space with blush walls and furniture. But because it’s so pale — nearly acting as a neutral — I’m hard pressed to feel anything but serene while looking at this space.

Blush can be interpreted as many shades of pink, why not add some to your space as a fun touch for summer?
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Fashion Translation: Something Tropical

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of summer vacation, whispering to you that it’s almost time, you’re almost there. Not sure about you, but I am in the mood for something tropical, even if it’s just a good ole stay-cation. The tropics are super easy to bring into your home, starting with the floors of course.

Tropics can get verrry Hawaiian shirt very quickly, so I recommend keeping your color palette not only bright and happy, but also somewhat restricted. Either opt for a totally neutral pattern or be a bit restrained in your color palette with the number of colors you select. When it comes to pop colors for a tropical rug, I suggest picking a rug with a neutral + 3-5 pop colors — this should help you steer clear of feeling like you live in a Hawaiian shirt shop.

Scale is another important aspect to consider when selecting a tropical patterned rug — I love when the artwork feels super-enlarged and oversized. This look is really impactful for rooms of any size and kind of makes you feel like you’re under the tropical foliage, huh?

Photo Credit: & Other Stories via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Tropical Shopping Guide:

Surya Florence Broadhurst bondi beach rug

The Rug Market America tropicana rug

Loloi Rugs tropez rug


Tropics-inspired rugs are super versatile for most homes, but work especially well in bedrooms, kitchens, and sunrooms. I absolutely love the idea of adding a punch of both pattern AND color into the home for spring and summer, especially in these juicy, saturated hues of tangerine, raspberry, lime, and turquoise.

Photo Credit: & Other Stories via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Colorful Tropical Shopping Guide:

Loloi Rugs tropez rug

Nourison Fantasy rug

United Weaves sea garden rug

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