Neutral in the Room, Color on the Floor

Alvhem Makleri & InteriorImage: Alvhem Makleri & Interior

One of my favorite trends lately is the look of a relatively neutral-toned room with a large, eye-popping floor rug. There’s just something so nice about having your eye drawn directly downward before surveying the rest of the room and taking in all of the smaller details. I love the relaxed vibe that all of these elements create when brought together and can just about see myself relaxing on that couch with a cup of hot tea and a hardback.

DominoImage: Domino

This look can easily transition into just about any room as well. We’ve seen a living room, but how about a kitchen? Done and done. A clean backsplash, wooden flooring, and light cabinetry all welcome a jolt of color and pattern in their midst. (Worried about a rug in the kitchen? One with a pattern with help camouflage drips.)

Milk MagazineImage: Milk Magazine

This is one of my favorite examples. A sweet corner of a room with lots of light that sets off the natural tones of the different woods and leathers used within, all while giving ample focus to that beautiful shag masterpiece that’s front and center. I’ve always believed in keeping larger elements like wall color and furniture light and neutral and using art and accessories to really amp up your style!

Sulu DesignImage: sulu-design

I want to move into this living room immediately! The palette of the southwestern-inspired rug sets off the warmth of the other features and makes this space feel oh so welcoming, perfect for fall and the cooler temperatures that are starting to show up around us.

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Denim Daze

Denim 1

Oh, denim… so ubiquitous, so comfortable, so easy and carefree. Ever the staple, a good pair of jeans is hard to come by, but when you do, you know. It’s just like falling in love. I prefer my denim picks to have a lived-in, vintage feel… covered in rips, tears, and shredded. To me, nothing quite says ‘summer’ like donning a pair of well-worn cut offs. If overly distressed denim isn’t your thing, try a pair of retro-inspired bell bottoms. The key to this look is to toss on a pair of taller shoes, like wedge espadrilles, to draw your eye upward and make you feel sky-high tall. I pair my denim with practically everything: borrowed-from-the-boys buttondowns, flowy and lacy white tops, even a chunky knit sweater for those cooler summer nights. Distressed denim is the ultimate way to achieve that ‘cool fashion girl’ look with minimal effort.

Denim 2

When it comes to interiors, it’s pretty simple to incorporate this look. There’s such a variety available: from navy-hued global patterns to a more traditional tie dye, even a modern ombre. I especially love the idea of embracing the true artistry associated with denim as shown in this painterly Luli Sanchez rug. Plus, because denim is the ultimate neutral and basic, you can pair these rugs with any look and any accessory. Layer on ivory furniture for a modern look or opt for a patterned sofa (think of it as a patterned tee!). Another great decorating tip is to select a couple rugs that share a denim-hued color palette and layer them. The results are eclectic, bohemian, and super casual.

Photo Credit: LA Cool & Chic, Refinery 29, and ioLA.

Shopping: Painterly Luli Sanchez rug, Momeni habitat rug, Jaipur Rugs agua madhu rug, and Trans Ocean Imports ombre rug.

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Pairing Statement Lights + Rugs: 3 Perfect Pairs

Want to make a big impact with little effort in your living space? Try swapping out your overhead light fixture for a statement-making pendant, and roll out a bold new rug on the floor. These two quick changes can add up to a whole new look. To get inspired, check out these three fresh pairings and see if one of them suits your style.


Look No.1: Airy wire pendant + neon graphic rug. The wire pendant light shown above is large in scale, but does not overpower the room, thanks to the airy structure. Mix up a delicate wire framed light with a bold rug featuring a hot pink graphic pattern for a fresh look. Feeling like a DIY project? Even newbies can tackle this one! Get yourself a simple, flatweave rug (we like the Jaipur Nuance rug in white) and a jar of hot pink fabric paint, tape out a simple geometric design, and get painting. For the best results, work out your design on paper first, and always test a small amount of fabric paint on the wrong side of your rug before getting started.


Look No.2: Oversize whimsical pendant + colorful graphic rug. In the bedroom shown here, a super-sized light fixture from Ikea holds court over the master bed, while a large aqua and charcoal graphic rug provides soft footing below. For colorful graphic rugs, the Momeni Baja rug in green geometric or the Momeni Baja rug in blue (both shown above) are great options. A vintage chandelier or whimsical pendant light with a bird motif would also work well with this look.


Look No.3: Classic lantern + black and white stripe. For the classic style fans, you can’t go wrong with an elegant lantern. The stately vibe of the light fixture is given a contemporary twist here with the addition of a black and white stripe rug. Try the Surya Frontier rug in jet black and white for a similar look. Tip: Don’t go too small with your lantern, or it will get lost above a big dining table… bigger is better in this case!

Image Sources: Bedroom and workspace by Young House Love; black and white dining room from Kathryn Ivey Interiors.

Rug Shopping Guide: Jaipur Nuance rug in white; Momeni Baja rug in green geometric; Momeni Baja rug in blue; Surya Frontier rug in jet black and white.

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Gettin’ Boho In The Home

a pair & a spare
Photo: A Pair & A Spare 

Boho chic is everywhere right now, which you’ve most likely noticed unless you’re living under a proverbial rock. Admittedly I first shied away from this trend because it can be so in your face with all of those bright colors and patterns. But like anything it’s all about moderation – unless you like the more is more look and then I say go for it!

Photo: Design Love Fest 

Another way to embrace the myriad of patterns that fit into the boho look is to select pieces in the same color family. By doing so you can take advantage of the eclectic global textiles that are a mainstay of this artistic and visual style without feeling like you’re living inside of a rainbow.

Photo: Refinery29

I think the key to making the bohemian look work – and looking like you’re not trying too hard – is to collect pieces slowly instead of in one fell swoop. A tapestry here, a rug there, pillows over there. The look you want to aim to for is comfortable and lived in, not I bought this at the big box store last weekend.

The Design Files
Photo: The Design Files

One of the best parts of boho style is the Anything Goes card, because it really does. Feel free to embrace aspects of the look that fit your personality instead of going whole hog. I love the idea of pulling a few bohemian pillows, a wall tapestry, or a colorful rug into a classical mix.


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