Designer Spotlight: Kate Spade New York

Kate Spade’s rooms are mix-and-match affairs of hand-curated pieces acquired from travels near and far. She loves to layer all things sublime, sumptuous and exquisitely formed (and hide the rest in a cabinet). Creativity and cleverness are her most valuable assets. She’s not afraid to make mistakes. Behind every door, color and humor abound — as do fresh flowers, (almost) always. Her motto: buy what you love and you’ll never go wrong.

Inspired by some of the company’s iconic patterns and colors, Kate Spade New York’s collection of rugs, decorative pillows and throws present exciting and playfully sophisticated designs that encourage personal style with a dash of whimsical charm. Tapping into its extensive print archive, Kate Spade New York chose timeless favorites to seamlessly transition from fashion accessories to the home. The collection of rugs, decorative pillows and throws tells a classic Kate Spade New York story through a sense of adventure and audacious femininity.

Welcome to Kate Spade New York home.

Kate Spade Rugs 2
Kate Spade Gramercy Woodgrain rug in Black and Ivory

Kate Spade Rugs 4
Kate Spade Gramercy Double Border rug in Black and White

Kate Spade Rugs 3
Kate Spade Gramercy Leopard Ikat rug in Gray and Ivory 

Kate Spade Rugs

Click here to check out the full Kate Spade New York rug collection. Enjoy!

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Fashion Translation: Eclectic Tropical Style

Right around this time of year, one trend always re-appears bigger, badder, and brighter than ever. That trend, my friends, is the tropical look. When you really think about it, tropical destination-inspired patterns and color palettes are totally spot-on for the warm months ahead. Recently, Emilio Pucci showcased his 2017 Resort collection, full of eclectic leafy patterns mixed with variegated stripes, all in a juicy color palette grounded in crisp white and stark black. This is all the inspiration you need to bring this look into your home and wardrobe!

Photo Credit: Emilio Pucci Spring 2017 Resort via

If you’re not able to jet away to a tropical locale this summer for vacation, why not bring the tropics into your home instead? I’m loving these over-sized, bold prints for any room in the house. I’m thinking a more neutral, 2-color leafy patterned rug would be a nice addition to my dining room, while I’d go extra-bold with a mish mash of juicy, lush colors for my living room. In terms of pattern, think palm fronds, huge monstera leaves, and hibiscus florals. The addition of stripes helps to soften this trend and make it more streamlined for the use in the home. These are just a few of my favorites!


Shopping Guide:

Milliken Modern Times Palm Rug

Couristan Covington Palms Rug

Couristan Covington Summer Laelia Rug

Couristan Covington Rainforest Rug

United Weavers Palm Leaves Rug

KAS Oriental Coral Palm Rug

United Weavers Panama Jack Palm Coast Rug

Dalyn Maui Rug


For more inspiration from Joanna, follow along with her at Jojotastic!

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5 Ways to Decorate with Plants

diy & crafts mag
DIY & Crafts Magazine

I, along with just about all of my friends, have developed an intense love of collecting and cultivating plants over the past few years. Seeing these green guys thrive – and sometimes wither and give up entirely – has become a sweet little hobby that’s both relaxing and rewarding. Not to mention that a little greenery adds a layer of living style to any space it fills. Check out five of my favorite ways to decorate with plants.

1. Terrariums
One of the more common ways to add some plant life to your existence, terrariums are low-maintenance and stunning in just about every setting. Succulents and airplants are an easy and affordable way to pull one together. Opt for varying shapes, sizes, and heights to create lots of interest.

Modern Macrame

2. Hanging Plants
Not only do hanging plants take up real estate that would otherwise go wasted, they also create visual interest by drawing your line of sight upwards. Opting for DIY macrame hangers offers a cost-effective decorating solution and a fantastic opportunity to flex your artistic muscles.

the fresh exchange

3. Wall Mounted
There are just some spaces where the only room left is the walls, and that’s where mounted plants come perfectly into play. The most popular and easy to care for are staghorn ferns. You can create your own wall mounted plants in a few easy steps and end up with a result that looks like the most modern of art installations.


4. Living Walls
Just like the individual wall mounted plants mentioned above, living walls take plants to an entirely new level. They can add a focal point, dimension, and privacy to any room inside or space outdoors. I’d love to create a “room” out of four walls in my backyard!

5. Upside-Down Planters
Buy a kit or make your own, upside-down planters offer a bounty of positive qualities. When outdoors they keep pests and hungry critters at bay, roots don’t sit in water and rot, and a bevy of other pros. I love the idea above of planting a selection of herbs to have on hand in the kitchen – so fresh and visually appealing.


For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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Bright as Sunshine

There is no happier color than yellow, don’t even try to convince me of it. Sunshine, flowers, butter. So have you ever thought of – or have you ever – had it hang out in your home?

I love the idea of having one statement making piece of furniture in a bold color. It would be the ideal fix for a piece that is in desperate need of a little update or one you picked up at a garage sale and aren’t quite sure what do with to make it yours.
 Farrow & Ball

Or maybe you have a more permanent feature in your space that could use a little kick. The goldenrod yellow radiator above almost takes on the feel of a piece of art in its new hue, especially against that beautiful navy wall.

Armelle Habib

I can’t help but smile when looking at these yellow chairs! Actually everything about this entire setup is a dream, but I digress. There are plenty of yellow dining chairs readily available, or you could just as easily paint a set of your own. Wouldn’t a mismatched set look fantastic? The yellow would unite them in such a fun way.

Frenchy Fancy

A slightly more involved project would be something like these show-stopping kitchen cabinets. Don’t you love the way they pop against al of that stainless steel and grey? Because I do. This would be a fun update for older cabinets, in fact I’m thinking of something similar for my own.

sam gilbert

I’m planning on ripping the carpet off of my stairs in the near future and this photo has been major inspiration. A coat of paint on a stairway can be a fairly easy job, provided there’s no hidden repair work lying underneath. And this yellow just calls for feet running up and down them!


For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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