Fashion Translation: A Glitzy Holiday Home

It sort of feels like I blinked and all of a sudden it was the week before Thanksgiving! How did this happen? I don’t feel prepared at all, especially when it comes to my home decor. When it comes to holiday style, I often rely on two very glam materials to get in the mood: velvet and sequins. Both of these materials are perfect for adding a special touch to your home for the holidays — but what about rugs?


Luxurious and opulent shag rugs are a great complement to velvet pillows. I’m a big fan of this dramatic, luxe look and suggest layering them on top of your normal patterned or solid colored rugs for an extraordinary look. I suggest keeping the palette cool and jewel-tone inspired for a wintry, special holiday vibe.


Photo Credit: Madame Figaro via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Shopping Guide:

Surya teal velvet pillow

Surya aqua Moroccan pillow

Glamour Shag rug from Loloi Rugs

Capel Trolley Line Vanilla shag rug


There’s also something so gorgeous about using silvery neutral tones within your space for the holidays. It almost reminds me of how icicles twinkle on tree branches! I’m already a huge fan of velvet when it comes to winter dressing for formal occasions and love any excuse to bring it into my home more. Velvet pillows are a must-have for glamming up your sofa, while embroidered pillows add a special pop to any space.


Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters.

Shopping Guide:

Jaipur Rugs Jennifer Adams pillow

Surya smooth velvet pillow in light grey

Avalon silver rug from Dynamic Rugs

Mysterio silver rug from Dynamic Rugs


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Holiday Party How-To

cookie swap

With the winter holidays sneaking up around the corner, now is the perfect time to begin planning a gathering of family and friends. Choosing a theme for the festivities makes things easier to pull together … and more fun, to boot!

cozy cookie swap

Party Idea No. 1: A Cozy Cookie Swap. First up, we have the classic cookie swap. I vote for giving this party a cozy twist by serving hot drinks like apple cider, hot cocoa, or hot toddies, and setting out a stack of plaid throws for guests to wrap up in. Invite your friends to bring enough cookies to share, along with a tupperware container to bring home their assortment of cookies, and get swapping! If you would like to provide food as well, choose an easy and comforting one-pot dish like chili.

Harvest Potluck1
Harvest Potluck

Party Idea No. 2: A Harvest Potluck. Whether you are hosting a ‘friendsgiving’, or simply want to hold a fun and low-stress gathering, a harvest-themed potluck is a wonderful way to do it. Give guests plenty of notice, as they will be expected to contribute a dish or drink. Pick up some seasonal fruit and greenery to decorate the table, and keep table settings simple with rustic linens and clear glassware or jam jars.

Christmas Candlelight1
Christmas by Candlelight

Party Idea No. 3: A Candlelit Christmas Celebration. Embrace the Christmas spirit with a peaceful candlelit evening filled with magical details. Warm your hands on mugs of hot drinks wrapped in knit cozies, hang wreaths of greenery and white twinkle lights from the rafters, and light candles all around. Make the dining area more comfortable with throw pillows and blankets, and play a soundtrack of holiday tunes, either modern or classic. For a handmade detail that will really set the evening apart, make your own menu cards using white pen on black cardstock in the style of a chalkboard sign. Your friends will be super impressed!

Rug Picks

No matter which party you choose to throw, consider warming your toes on a festive new plaid area rug. Or, change out a piece of art for the season with a Christmas-themed sign, like the one shown above. And remember, less is more! Just one or two decor tweaks is all you need to transform your home for the season.

What about you? Will you be hosting any parties this holiday season?

Shopping Guide: (clockwise from top left) Joy Carpets Whimsy Bit O Scotch; American Rug Craftsmen Dryden Billings rug; Joy Carpets Whimsy Bit O Scotch rug in Bark Brown; Barn Owl Primatives Dasher Dancer Print.

Photo Credits: (from top to bottom) Style Me Pretty100 Layer CakeThe Yellow Table100 Layer Cake.

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Fashion Translation: Muted Hues for Fall

I’m a big believer in pastels, especially during the springtime months. But what about pastel shades for fall? Recently, I noticed that more and more washed out, desaturated colors are popping up in fall fashion — aka the perfect inspiration for a cozy, but modern color palette in your home.


If there is one color that has been speaking to me more and more this fall, it’s a dusty mauve-y pale pink shade. I simply cannot get enough. I love the way this hue feels totally fresh, but also sits incredibly well with more traditional fall colors like olive green, grey-washed navy, terracotta, and natural jute.

Photo Credit: Mariano Vivanco via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Shopping Guide:

Surya Mykonos rug

Safavieh Cape Cod rug

Surya Scarborough rug (my personal favorite!)


There’s also something vaguely luxe about using pastel shades in the fall. For some reason, it calls to mind an old hotel room in Paris, with luxurious silk curious and layered vintage rugs. For this color, I’m looking for full-impact glam, which translates into using really awesome, luxe materials like viscose, silk, and even a high-quality jute for a bohemian-meets-chic vibe. My suggestion is to pick a tone of this color and pick 2 or 3 rugs that share it. Then, simply layer ‘em on for a cozy, fall look!


Photo Credit: Mariano Vivanco via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Shopping Guide:

Kaleen Kenwood rug

Feizy Rugs Marlow rug

Rugs America Williams rug

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5 Fall Decor Trends to Try

1 - knitted

Trend No.1: Chunky knits. Deliciously cozy and warm, what could be better than a room filled with knitted accents in the fall? Try a chunky knitted pouf, a vintage knit blanket, or knitted pillow covers in the living room. For smaller accents, seek out knit cozies in neutral hues for your tea pot, french press, or mug.

2 - dark-floral

Trend No. 2: Dark florals. Dramatic and moody, these are no spring florals. Look for painterly floral prints on dark backgrounds. Wallpapers, like the stunning paper by designer Ellie Cashman, shown here, make a big statement in a small space like an entryway or powder room. For a less permanent take on the trend, pick up a pillow or two with dark floral prints and toss them on the couch for a fresh look.

3 - cognac

Trend No. 3: Cognac. As rich and warming as its namesake beverage, cognac color is an ideal hue for fall. It makes soft neutrals like khaki and cream look fancier, and works equally well as a foil for pops of brighter hues like teal and cranberry. Wondering where to add cognac? You can’t go wrong with anything in soft, buttery leather, from a couch to a stool.

4 - artisan

Trend No. 4: Artisan accessories. From traditional folk art from around the world, to delectable handmade finds from Etsy, artisan accessories are more popular than ever, with good reason! These colorful, creative finds can instantly give your space a personal touch. So even if you have the same Ikea bookcase as everyone else on your block, your home will look and feel really unique and special thanks to your creative use of accessories. To get this look, seek out at least one or two artisan finds for each room in your home. For example, place a hand-carved wooden spoon in the kitchen, a colorful rug in the living room, and pretty napkins with Mexican embroidery on the dining table.

5 - curated

Trend No. 5: The curated look. As well put together as a museum exhibition, the curated look entails carefully selecting your favorite objects and putting them on display. The most goof-proof way to embrace this trend is by sticking with a monochromatic color palette (all white, for example) and pulling together artwork and objects that fit within the palette.

Fall Trends

To get your folk art-inspired decor fix, check out the new Traditions Made Modern collection of pillows and rugs from Jaipur Rugs. Nearly every piece can mix and match to create a happily jumbled, eclectic look.

Ready to try this at home? Share which trend is your favorite in the Comments section!


Shopping Guide: All pillows and rugs shown by Jaipur Rugs Traditions Made Modern Collection.

Photo Credits: (From top to bottom of post) Anne WeilEllie Cashman DesignPetite Modern LifeNot Perfect Linen (on Etsy)The Everygirl.

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