Part VI: Rug + Room | Dining Rooms


Sometimes it doesn’t matter how beautifully a room is designed, without a floor rug it just feels like something is missing. The perfect rug has the power to be a unifying force as well as a soft layer beneath your feet, and there are few rooms more demanding than the dining room. It’s a space that’s part cozy and part utilitarian which means the right rug needs to be as well.

The warm burgundies and golds in this fringed rectangular Karastan have just what the design doctor ordered, warm tones to pull together the floor and farm tables as well as some darker areas that will tie in those chairs.


The right rug won’t stick out like a sore thumb, it’ll fit right in like a member of the family. This one is stunning, with plenty of grey to balance out those pops of vibrant color so that it won’t overwhelm this otherwise neutral dining space. I’d bring it in to add some dimension to that already beautiful table and chairs.


Who says a rug has to be a rectangle? Not us! A circular one is perfect fit for a round dining table, particularly when space is at a premium. This dark grey beauty is art in its own right, adding an unexpected area of graphic interest to a sparsely designed area.


Let’s do another one! I very much love both the 6-person table and the art on display in this dining area, but think it could be punched up one step further. This rich golden rug would blend in oh so well with all of that warm wood, adding another level of design depth to what is already a fantastic space.


Even more than circular rugs, square rugs aren’t utilized nearly enough in my opinion. Put one under your traditional 4-seat dining table to mix things up and make it interesting! I’d use this green and cream chevron one to pick up on that incredible window full of greenery that looks to take up an entire wall. Bring the outdoors in!

For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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Part V: Rug + Room

One of my favorite parts of decorating is adding those textural touches that make people stop and stare. A pillow here, a throw blanket over there, and yes most definitely a rug on the floor. While it’s completely possible for a room to look pulled together without one, it definitely feels better underfoot with.

I love this little dining area with a small table featuring hairpin legs and industrial-style chairs. Morning coffee would be so cozy perched upon those sheepskins, the light just pouring through the window. I’d keep the bright, serene feeling that’s happening by adding a rug full of watery blues, grey, and whites.


If you have the space I’m a firm believer in adding a floor rug in the bathroom. Not only will it add some wonderful texture, it will also earn its keep by absorbing small amounts of water when you finish bathing. I love the clean lines in this bathroom, but a nice rug could add some lovely pattern and a touch of rich color that wouldn’t compete with the architectural details already in place.


I either want to take a long nap in this bed or jump around on top of it just to muss the covers! My bedroom is similar with barely grey walls, all white bedding, and crazy good morning light. I’d simply pick up on some of the warm tones in the wood with the addition of a rug featuring gold and salmon tones.


This modernized traditional dining space is the stuff dreams are made of. The white built-ins paired with the black buffets look even more amazing with the addition of the dark table and light chairs. I’d play up the style that’s already going on by adding a large, faded traditional floor rug right in the center.


Some people are anti floor rug when it comes to the kitchen, but not me. A rug can make any space feel more livable, and if you spend a lot of time entertaining or cooking in your kitchen why not extend it to that room? (A good spot cleaner will help ease your mind.) This beauty of a kitchen features sky-high ceilings and some pattern that’s already in place. While you could easily add a solid color floor rug that doesn’t complete with the floor or backsplash, I’d go with something like this softly striped one. The warm neutrals keep to the color palette being used and the simple design doesn’t pull your eyes.

For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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Part IV: Rug + Room

Inside Out

Sometimes a room can be styled to the nines and a little something still seems to be missing. That’s when I like to play a little mix and match game called Room + Rug where I take beautiful rooms and pair them up with equally stunning floor rugs. First up is this light and bright dining nook full of natural woods and greenery. I’d love to inject a dose of pattern and color while keeping to the same tones already present, and Jaipur Rugs’ Anatolia Kaleidoscope has just the right mix of jewel tones and pattern to make the space feel amped up a notch.

Anouska Hempel Design

The view above is obviously all the beauty that room needs, but what about a little something to enhance it? The simple, classic stripes in the Safavieh Navajo Kilim in blue and ivory play nicely off of the watery landscape outside those killer balcony doors and doesn’t compete with the minimal look that seems to be the goal.

Fantastic Frank

Talk about the dreamiest, moodiest bedroom! This space already has texture and personality going for it in a myriad of ways — that duvet! that plant! that mirror! I’d accent it all with one of my favorite floor rugs, the Surya Jewel Tone in midnight blue, persimmon, and hibiscus. The patterns make it seem as though it’s another large piece of art in the room.

Rory Gardiner

I’m head over heels for this industrial warehouse space — between those incredible windows and the high ceilings, it would be a challenge to make it look bad. But let’s take this space to the next level with an unexpected hit of bold color with this Jaipur Rugs Urban Bungalow Doha under the dining table. It will act as a focal point in the room as well as a bright spot to break up the otherwise monotone palette.

Erin Michael

The mixing and matching also extends to the outdoors. This summer I welcomed indoor/outdoors rugs onto my backyard deck and the world may never be the same. I can imagine spending hours lounging, working, and entertaining in this space, and what would take it over the top is some added texture underfoot. The Trans Ocean Imports Toulouse has a sophisticated look to go right alongside those bold graphic stripes and oodles of bamboo.

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Part III: Rug + Room

Rug + Room

Let’s play matchmaker between a few bare-floored rooms and the floor rugs they didn’t know were out there waiting for them all along. First up is this beautiful bedroom full of natural textures and neutral hues. I’d add in a a vintage-inspired rug in varying tones of gray to make the space feel more grounded and give your eye a place to gravitate towards and rest.

Rug + Room 2

I love the combination of styles and pieces in this lovely dining space. The modern legs paired with the rustic tabletop, the contemporary light fixture and sideboard mixed with the spindled chairs are the perfect balance of new and traditional design. I’d layer it all over a deep blue rug with a bit of a worldly graphic pattern and call it a day.
Rug + Room 3

This little area feels so breezy and summery! The great light, neutral tones, and minimal decor all lend themselves to creating a relaxing environment that you can almost see yourself relaxing in. I’d add some texture to the space in the form of a natural fiber rug, so as to not detract from the vibe.
Rug + Room 4

This kitchen seems like it’s seen some good times and lots of delicious meals. Maybe a dinner party or ten? The distinctive layered style is just that — original — and I don’t want to detract from it. However I would like to add something complimentary on the floor, like this butter yellow rug. A pro tip for using rugs in the kitchen is to choose something that will hide small spills and marks until you can get around to cleaning them. This one fits the bill exceptionally well.

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