Texture! Texture! Texture!

While pinning my face off the other night, I noticed something interesting. Each drool-worthy space had little to no color, yet I was drawn to them like a moth to the flame. Every image was captivating. Now I have one room in my home decorated in all neutrals, but normally I’m a, “shazam, look at all that color”, kinda girl. So I started examining what exactly was drawing me into these simple yet intricate rooms.

via House Of Hipsters

Way back in the day, I worked for a furniture store, and the VP of Merchandising told me interiors were, “a beige, beige world”. At the time, she was referring to the world of sofas, but suddenly I found that phrase running through my head…only this time, in a good way. A really good way. After analyzing the taupe, beige, and cream spaces, it hit me. Each room oozed texture! Jute on rattan on sheepskin on wool on linen on cotton, oh my! Add in some brass to bounce light around the room and lemme tell you, you’ve got some serious eye candy happening.

Warm. Inviting. Sophisticated. I wanted to sit on each bed or chair, curl up in a nook, and enjoy a cup of coffee. So how do you get that look for yourself? Well, first and foremost, channel Switzerland and stay neutral. Keep your pops of color to a minimum.

via The Design Files 

When it comes to hanging art on the wall, opt for something a bit more interesting…unique. Simple baskets, musical instruments, juju hats, or get crazy with vintage tennis rackets. Let it be something that represents you, but is also dimensional.

Patina on leather just gets better with age, but to jazz it up even more, drape a sheepskin, cable knit throw, or vintage wedding blanket over the armrest for added depth. Get even cozier with soft linen pillows.

via Flickr 

Want more visual interest? Ground the space with a Moroccan style rug or layer a beautiful shag over simple sisal. This added texture is a fun surprise and will warm up the room.


Shopping Guide:

Surya – Berkley

Nourison – Graphic Illusions

Loloi Rugs – Journey

Savavieh – Moroccan Shag

Nourison – Amour

Savavieh – Natural Fiber

So the next time you’re feeling stumped on what pattern might work in your space, turn everything on its head and try just adding in some texture for fun and see what happens.

For more inspiration from Kyla, follow along with her at House of Hipsters!

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Decorating with Mud Cloth

francois et moi

If there’s one standout patterned textile as of late, it’s mud cloth. Originally designed in Africa for use as as camouflage, ritual protection, and a sign of status, telling a story through the use of lines, dots, and geometric shapes. Traditionally mud cloth is handmade using Malian cotton and fermented mud to produce pigment for dye, hence the name. However now you find it in a variety of homewares stores as well as DIY it in a variety of ways.

St. Frank

As with any trend, there are varying levels of commitment–one of my favorites are kitchen and dining textiles. A pretty tablecloth or set of fabric napkins lend a dose of pretty pattern and texture to a dinner party or a simple date night meal.


An accessory that has a touch more staying power, like a shower curtain, can be swapped out in a few minutes should you tire of it. Mud cloth’s traditional black and white color scheme happily partners with just about any color you might already have on your walls.


Art is one of my go-to ways of introducing a trend to my space. It’s serendipitous that textile art is having a real moment right now because mud cloth looks mighty fine hanging up.

Patina Rentals

Now if you’re really in love with the mud cloth trend, you might consider investing in a lifetime piece of furniture. Mud cloth stands the test of time.

Rugs Direct Mud Cloth
For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at DesignCrush!

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Decorating with Stripes

my scandinavian home
My Scandinavian Home

Stripes are one of the classiest patterns around, and easily written off as being boring oftentimes. But the thing is that stripes can take on any personality you want — bold, minimal, modern, and even traditional. Because like many things in life, it’s all about how you use them.

House and Garden

The Unexpected. Go against the grain and put stripes into play somewhere unexpected, like the stairwell or the inside of the kitchen cabinets. The wow factor will be present in spades and you’ll find yourself smiling when you catch a glimpse of your clever decorating decision.


Mix and Match. Don’t shy away from mixing different striped patterns. It’s not the same as, say, a paisley and polka dot because they’re all related and in the same family. This room is a fantastic example of mixing done right; keeping to the same color palette will make almost anything feel more cohesive.


Go Bold. Stripes don’t have to be diminutive and preppy, they can be loud and in your face if you’d like them to be! Try patterns with varying widths, saturated colors, and a big presence. Make a piece of furniture front and center by going with the pattern rather than solid, or make stripes the focal point of the entire room by keeping everything else neutral and minimal.


Think Neutral. Stripes is one of those great patterns that also has the ability to function as a neutral. It can go with just about anything! So have fun and experiment with the look by sticking to basic hues and pulling stripes into your existing styling for a fun update.

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Fashion Translation: Modern Patchwork

What does the word ‘patchwork’ bring to mind? Hippie dippie patterns pieced together? Well, kind of… but these days patchwork has a whole new modern meaning. For me, it is all about modern layouts of truly gorgeous miniature prints complete with awesome color combinations and unexpected pairings.

As per usual, I feel like this is a trend that can work in a variety of color palettes, particularly warm and cool palettes. Classic home decor colors of terra cotta, burgundy, plum, and persimmon strike a melodious balance with shades of taupe, chocolate, and olive green. Meanwhile, in the cool color family, I’m loving shades of peacock, turquoise, cobalt, charcoal and ebony all harmoniously living together, side by side.

Photo Credit: Patchwork blanket via Woodybunch.

Shopping Guide:

Jaipur Rugs Sketch Terrain rug

KAS Oriental Reflections Patchwork rug

Louis de Poortere vintage patchwork rug


While this trend is being clearly exhibited in fashion pieces as of late, it is yet another great trend to bring into your home. A modern patchwork rug is the perfect thing to create a comfy, cozy atmosphere in your bedroom — think of an all-white loft/attic space with luxurious textiles, but one really great, statement-making patchwork rug. That is the inspiration, right there!

Photo Credit: Christopher Ferguson via Bohemiandiesel.

Shopping Guide:

Jaipur Rugs sketch terrain rug

Jaipur Rugs sketch terrain rug

Momeni vintage rug

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