Southwestern Flair

Jessica Helgerson Interiors

When I was around 12 years old my mom decided it was time to abandoned the pale blue painted walls that had been in my bedroom since before I was born (yeah, they thought I was going to be a boy). Even though we lived in Pennsylvania I immediately gravitated towards a roll of Southwestern-inspired wallpaper with accents of green, purple, and peach pastels. The patterns and textiles of the southwest have a way of resonating like that, whether you go big or small in impact.

Urban Outfitters

Pillows, throw blankets, and upholstery can each add their own touches of rich texture and design to a space. Pull colors into the rest of the decor from the palette created in each design as easy ways to accent. Group together a few pillows or throws of different patterns for a serious pop.

The Brick House

I’m not sure what the full story is here, but I love the idea of taking a traditional southwestern rug and casually layering it over a headboard. It’s a fast and easy way to insert some flair into an existing decor style. I’ve been toying with the idea of hanging on the wall behind my bed in place of a headboard as well.

Lauren Logan

A more permanent idea would to reupholster an existing piece of furniture in a southwest-inspired fabric. By choosing neutral colors – say black and white – a piece of any structural style would be at home with whatever other styles of furniture you already have in place.

Thoughts from Alice

A useful middle-of-the-road piece of southwestern inspiration could be a pouf for extra seating, patterned curtains, or an intriguing rug. Check out six of my favorites below!


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Sea of Blue Home Decor


Few colors scream “SUMMER!” to me like different shades of blue, all of the shades of the ocean in fact. I didn’t even realize what a big role the cool hue played in my warm weather accessories until I started researching for this post and took a look around my own home. Shibori throw pillows in cerulean, a throw in the palest powder blue, even the candle tin on my coffee table is teal.

The patio above relies on solid neutrals – white and woodgrain – to stay grounded. But it is the pops of blue that give it that something special and leaves you wanting to invite yourself over for golden hour cocktails, isn’t it?

Ave Styles

When it comes to accent walls I have to admit that blue has never crossed my mind. This lovely bohemian bedroom looks like a little oasis thanks to that beautiful deep sea tone. It adds a soothing tone to the space and manages to make that beautiful bed look even better if possible!

graham keegan shibori flag tapestry

A piece of art, like this printed tapestry by Graham Keegan, might be just the beachy blue touch your home is asking for this summer. A piece of art that’s cool and relaxed just might rub off on your own aura.

Julia Robbs

There’s nothing that says your blue accents and accessories are for summertime only…what about a more permanent piece of furniture? A pale blue has the magical ability to act as a neutral and the sofa above is a great example of that. It plays well with just about the entire color wheel. So mix-and-match and play!

Helenio Barbetta

However, this has to be one of my favorite examples of blue in action. The rest of the space is so clean and neutral that you immediately gravitate towards that lovely throw on the bed. Don’t you just want to curl up on top of the covers for an afternoon nap? I sure do.

Blue Rugs

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Get The One-Of-A-Kind Rug Look Without The Price Tag

I don’t know about you, but when I troll Pinterest and spy beautiful vintage Persian and Oriental rugs, I swoon and gasp for joy. Rug after rug, room after room, I yell at my phone, “Give me all the stuff!”. They’re classic pieces that go with pretty much every home decor style but are near impossible to find. And if by chance you happen upon one, it usually comes with a hefty price tag. Traditional, boho, farmhouse, mid-century modern, it really doesn’t matter. These bad boys go with anything.

Via Country Living

I mean seriously, how inviting and cozy does that room look? That vintage beauty is worn in just the right places with its ornate floral medallions. So what’s a vintage lovin’ rug gal have to do? How dare these rugs be so beautiful when I can’t find them anywhere? Or can I?

Via Apartment Therapy

Challenge accepted. I went on a mission to find new, look-a-like rugs (without the hefty price tag). No more fruitless Googling and emailing strangers, “Where did you get that rug?” only to be told, “Sorry, it’s vintage.” What I soon found out, was there really are some fantastic vintage inspired rugs that aren’t one-of-a-kind. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a looksy at the pretties I found!


Not too shabby huh? I’d say they have that perfectly worn vintage look! Wouldn’t you? They have all the old world charm you need to redefine your space. So what are you waiting for? Go make a style statement and add some luxury to your room.

Rug Shopping Guide:

1 Surya Zahra ZHA-4003 

2 Nourison Karma KRM-01

3 Surya Antolya ANT-9712

4 Loloi Rugs Anastasia AF-09

5 Surya Caesar CAE-1145

6 Karastan Spice Market 80153

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Secrets of Beach Cottage Style

Who doesn’t love escaping to the beach? If you live for summer, bring a little of the beach home with you by transforming your home (no matter how far from the coast you live) into a seaside-inspired, laid-back retreat that you can enjoy all year long. Read on for 3 secrets to beach cottage style.

Photo: Domino Magazine

Secret #1: A beach-inspired color palette. Take a moment and picture your favorite beach. What colors do you see? No matter where your dream beach is located, it likely includes white or beige sand, and miles of blue sea and sky. If you stick with this blue, white, and natural/beige color palette, you are already well on your way to nailing beach cottage style. One trick to creating the kind of beachy mood you want is to pay close attention to the shade of blue you choose: if you want to create a nautical New England vibe, go with deeper navy and royal blues; if the Caribbean is more your cup of tea, aqua and turquoise should be your go-to blues.

Photo: Domino Magazine

Secret No. 2: Casual materials. Beach cottages are casual, easygoing spaces meant for barefoot living…in other words, not the place for stiff or fussy materials. To perfect the beach cottage look, you have to think imperfect: worn wood, chippy painted pieces, crisp cotton and rumpled linen, matchstick blinds, and easy-care indoor-outdoor rugs are a beach cottage’s best friends.

Photo: Design Sponge

Secret No. 3: Reminders of the sea. Beach style decor sometimes gets a bad rap for being too overdone (think, nautical ropes and buoys everywhere) but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of raiding the marine supply shop, fill your home gradually with meaningful pieces that speak to what you love about the beach. This could include shells and smooth stones picked up on beach walks, a photo from your last vacation in a simple white frame, or vintage art in shades of blue that you found while treasure-hunting at a local flea market.

I think what I love most about beach cottage style is the anything-goes attitude: want to hang a giant mermaid sign on the wall? Go for it! Feel like changing things up? Grab a bunch of photo postcards and tape them to the wall above your bed. As long as it makes you happy, you’re doing it right.

Rug Shopping Guide (clockwise from top left): Jaipur Rugs Indoor-Outdoor Aquatics in nautical blue and green; Surya Lighthouse rug in teal and beige; Surya Escape rug in powder blue and white; Loloi Rugs Venice Beach in blue.

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