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If you’re looking for a color trend that’s stood the test of time and then some, look no further than blue. From indigo to periwinkle this hue has never shown a sign of slowing down in popularity and it’s easy to see why. Not only is blue considered the most relaxing color on the spectrum, it also has the ability to ground a space and is a great way for colorphobes to experiment. A piece of art or furniture is a great way to introduce something fresh into your decor because both are fairly non-committal and can be resold if you end up unhappy.

This take on everyone’s favorite tile, subway, gives the standby new life in a soft baby blue. The pastel hue manages to work in both a classic decor scheme as well as modern thanks to the subtle gradient present in the patterning. Can’t you just imagine wanting to cook so many meals in this kitchen because it looks so relaxing and welcoming?

I’d definitely use those baby blue subway tiles in a bathroom as well, but these square patterned ones offer so much when paired with the stark white vanity and accompanying shower tiles. This is definitely a situation of using pattern as art – there’s no way you’d want to cover up or bring in anything that might want to compete with these beautifully intricate pieces.

Smoky blue is such an unexpected hue for the kitchen, and that’s the biggest reason I’m loving it. By using such a soft accent color to all of the natural tones in this space, the designer managed to show off the warmth present in the woodgrain and bricks as well as the brightness of all that white. One of my favorite unexpected touches is the blue on that island facade!

If you’re all in on blue, this space has your name on it. Walls, ceiling, doors, mouldings – all the same, gorgeous shade of the most perfect blue. It feels like a slightly softer take on the currently popular all-black room, offering a sense of depth and sophistication that’s magnetic. If you’re looking to diversify and add something relaxing and blue to your space, another fantastic way is to bring in a floor rug like the ones below.

Blue Rugs

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5 Paint Colors That Can Transform Your Room

White walls and neutral spaces beginning to feel a bit meh? Brushing a new color on your walls (or even just one wall) can make your space instantly feel more put-together, and telegraph a whole new sense of style. Five wow-worthy paint color ideas straight ahead.

Sincerely, Sara D. via Design Mom | Paint color: Valspar Reserve Paint in Nighttime View

House and Home

1. Navy

If you want to branch out from neutrals, but still play it safe, navy is my top recommendation. It feels current, yet classic, and goes well with just about any other colors you want to use. Navy looks elegant in the living room, and dramatic in the bath. Play up your navy walls with warm metals like brass, crisp white trim, and black and white accents. For a finishing touch, be sure to include a few items that bring some warmth to your space: natural fibers, woven baskets, houseplants, and warm hues like red and pink all work well.

Studio McGee | Paint color: Benjamin Moore Paint in Forest Green

2. Deep Green

This hue is enjoying a renaissance in popularity, especially in the kitchen! Try a deep, dark green on your kitchen cabinets for a classic-with-a-twist look. Be sure to choose a glossy finish for cabinetry, as it will stand up better to everyday use. To keep the green from overpowering your space, consider painting only the lower cabinets — keep the upper cabinets white, or replace some with open shelving for a lighter look, as shown here.

Kelly Shannon via Apartment Therapy

3. Warm Pink

Pink walls aren’t just for pretty princess bedrooms — in fact, warm pink is a surprisingly versatile hue. A warm, flattering shade of pink can be a great way to tiptoe away from white walls. Try a single accent wall in the dining room, living room, or hall, and bring it to life with soft gray, greens, and plenty of white.

Elle Decor

Apartment Therapy | Paint color: Benjamin Moore Paint in Burnt Red

4. Statement Red

If you just want to make one big color statement in your home, my vote goes for red. A single wall painted in this fiery hue will bring your space to life in a way that no other color can match. If you paint the wall and are feeling a bit intimidated by the redness of it, try using it as the backdrop for a massive gallery wall. Hung with artwork or 3D objects like baskets or plates, a red wall brings intense focus without overwhelming.


5. Rich Turquoise

I love turquoise. It’s rich and vibrant, yet (so unlike red) actually soothing to the spirit. If you are on the hunt for that perfect hue — one that’s attention-grabbing but not overbearing, current but not trendy — let turquoise be your new color love. Use it in the bedroom, bath, living room, dining room, or anywhere you want a hit of tropical relaxation.

Looking to complement that new wall color? Consider swapping out your (boring) old rug for something with a bit more pizazz. Here are four of my current colorful favorites:

Rug Shopping Guide (Clockwise from top left): Dynamic Rugs Metro in ivory and light blue; Safavieh Kilim in pink and ivory; Kate Spade New York Gramercy Leopard Ikat in green and ivory; Loloi Rugs Kalliope by Justina Blakeney in blue.

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5 Ways to Perk Up Your Home With Color

It’s always around this point — about halfway through winter — that the gray skies begin to take their toll. Enough already, we want some color! Since spring is still a flip of the calendar away, it’s time to take matters into our own hands. So pour yourself a mug of something hot to drink, and feast your eyes on these sunny, happy projects, and quick ideas. Then pick one (or more!) to try, and see your home bloom with glorious, rich color.

Amelia Tatnall Lawrence for Paper & Stitch

Idea #1 — Add fresh flowers, fruit, and books. This is so quick, easy, and affordable, you’ll want to keep it on repeat. The next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers (anything that catches your eye), and a bag of citrus fruit. When you get home, pile the fruit into a pretty bowl, put the flowers in a vase of water, and set both on your coffee table. Clear away the random papers and other junk, and place a pretty stack of books from your own bookshelves on the table beside the flowers and fruit. And voila, you have a colorful, beautifully styled coffee table sure to light up the whole room.

Amelia Tatnall Lawrence for Mollie Makes magazine

Idea #2 — Paint a half-wall. It’s true that this project requires significantly more effort than, say, buying a bouquet of flowers. But it’s a lot quicker and easier than painting a whole room! Painting just half a wall, in fact, takes much less time than you probably think (just a few hours), and the results are so darn cool, it’s well worth the effort.

Tip: Pick a wall where the base color is already white (or at least a pale neutral), and splurge on the high-quality painter’s tape to make a really crisp line with ease.

Paper & Stitch

Idea #3 — DIY Stick-on tiles. If you have a really dated floor you’d love to cover with on-trend cement tiles, but need a more budget-friendly option, this DIY from Paper & Stitch could be just the thing for you. By customizing peel-and-stick vinyl tiles with a DIY painted on pattern, you can create a really unique floor covering without breaking the bank.

Note: This project is not recommended for renters, because the glue backing may leave a residue when you remove the tiles.

Amelia Tatnall Lawrence for Mollie Makes magazine

Idea #4 — Frame some large-scale artwork. Adding a great big framed poster to a wall, or atop a credenza, is a great way to add big-impact color without spending a fortune or doing anything permanent to your space. So if you’re a renter, and dream of being able to paint the walls or stick cool tiles on the floors, this can be a really lovely alternative. Choose art with your heart, without worrying about what anyone else will think. It’s your home, and it should make you happy…end of story!

Paper & Stitch

Idea #5 — Layer on colorful textiles. Rolling out a new rug or adding a warm throw to your sofa or favorite chair are foolproof ways to add color to your space. In the room shown here, a simple white throw was upgraded with handmade tassels for a colorful twist.

Whichever projects you choose to try, here’s to a cozy winter…and an early spring!

Rug shopping guide: (clockwise from top left) Safavieh Bellagio in red and pink; Feizy Rugs Arushi in orange; Kaleen Rosaic rug in lime green; Safavieh Soho rug in rust.

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Going Grey

via Coco Lapine Design
via Coco Lapine Design

Your hair going grey can be seen as a negative thing, as is overcast grey weather. But when it’s in your home it can be game changer of the positive variety. The vast array of hues this color has to offer can turn your space super moody or light and bright – it just all depends on the intensity. Grey’s versatility allows for exceptional layering of tones, whether it’s grey on grey like the living room above or some other color. One of the most beautiful things about this color that’s often seen as cold is just how nicely it plays with everyone else on the spectrum!

via homeedit

This kitchen couldn’t feel more inviting if it tried. The grey on the bottom cabinets play the ideal middleman between the white subway tile and farmhouse sink and the black countertops and grout. Because it’s tinged with yellow the tone feels warm, rather than cool like we’re accustomed.

carolina bak for loft

I do love a good concrete floor, but what’s more in this bathroom is the texture the medium grey walls and divan bring to the game. By adding a light wood to the supporting cast, this space manages to bring even more texture and a nice contrast into the picture. The natural light the large windows allow in go a long way toward warding off any dreariness as well.

Avenue Lifestyle

This light grey is the color I have in my own home, literally my entire home. If you like your belongings to be the stars of the show, this is the way to go because this silvery hue acts as a nice neutral canvas for everything to make its mark upon. Very light grey is also a hallmark of Scandinavian chic interiors and many a minimal space. This bedroom feels like a great place to relax and wake up refreshed!

Tracey Ayton

Let’s not forget about one of the most popular members of the grey family – deep charcoal. The white moldings and picture frames paired with it in this lengthy hallway are doing everything right and playing off of the dark neutral beautifully. You would expect it to feel dark and imposing, but the effect is actually just the opposite!

If you’re not looking to redecorate and entire room or paint at the moment, another way to integrate grey into your space is through a floor rug that ties in with what you’ve already got.


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