Fashion Translation: Neutrals with a Twist

Apologies if this post feels a bit retro again, but I just can’t help myself! This season, it feels like vintage hues are here to stay, not to mention pulled-from-the-’70s style inspiration. Right now, I find myself drawn to the colors: burnt orange, terracotta, olive drab, shades of khaki and taupe. When combined, I feel like these tones are harmonious in an unexpected version of neutrals.


Photo Credit: via The Girl With The Curl


I simply find myself tiring of deep, dark, rich tones — instead, I’m craving neutrals that can be mixed and match. No longer do I want simply white and black. Rather, this season I’m all about shades of ivory as my new base color. From there, I pile on additional washed out hues. Even my pop colors feel neutral. Plus, how special is this bluish shade of grey? For me, that really tips the color palette into new territory.


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Fashion Translation: Just a Bit Retro

Fashion is cyclical, right? What’s old becomes new again and vice versa. Sometimes it feels like I’ve just put away my high-waisted flared jeans when they are about come back. One style that feels like it’s recently reemerged in multiple variations is the retro ’70s vibe. We know this look well: satin baseball jackets, ringer tees, high waisted denim, embroidered patches… I could go on and on and on.


Photo Credit: Marie Claire Australia via Fashion Gone Rogue.

If there’s one color that stands out in my mind as being totally on trend for this evolution of retro style, it would be tangerine orange. Actually, all shades of orange feel on-trend to me when it comes to this style, but I’m loving how fresh and new tangerine feels. Maybe it’s thanks to the doldrums of winter? Either way, I’m loving it and definitely plan to incorporate more of this happy hue into both my home and wardrobe.


I also love the secondary colors that this shade of orange is paired with: pale pink, lavender and navy blue being my absolute favorites. The feeling of these rugs is a bit boho and found-in-a-faraway-flea-market, don’t you think?

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Fashion Translation: Back to Basics

First things first…happy 2016! Now, onto what feels really pressing this time of year: resolutions. I’m taking it easy on myself this year and just trying to slow down, especially after the glut of the holidays. I find myself craving calm, simplicity, and ease. Whether it’s in my home or wardrobe, I’m feelin’ for a pared down look that is casual, tailored, and neutral.

back to basics

The color palette is pretty easy on the eyes — washed out shades of ivory and clean white, softer shades of grey, maybe even a small touch of denim. I feel like for the past few months, we’ve been surrounded with richer, darker colors that are super-saturated. My eyes need a rest!

Photo Credit: Brock Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection via Vogue.

back to basics 2

If you’re like me, it’s really tough to let go of the need for pattern, especially when embracing a more neutral, pared down color palette. If pattern is a must for you, I suggest keeping it simple with uncluttered geometrics, simple, striated stripes, maybe even a gorgeous grid pattern. This trend is also the perfect way to embrace texture, so try out a skeepskin rug or a modern take on the traditional braided rug!

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Pops of Color

The world of home decor can walk a line of “it’s a beige, beige world” and “oh my this room looks like a fruit bowl”. Yes, the easy way to add color might be to paint a wall and call it a day, but we have a few more ideas on how to add an unexpected pop of pizazz to your space. Before you start adding color willy nilly, the key is establishing a color palette. But how do you create an effortless and versatile color scheme? First you need to find your base color.

Lina Ostling

You might lean towards browns, grays or blacks, but I personally tend to lean towards the blues. I’m drawn to them in not only home decor but in fashion as well. Navy, indigo, cobalt, baby, sky…I use ‘em all. And this is the key ingredient to adding color. Don’t just pick one shade, instead, use the entire spectrum. For this example, let’s use blue as our foundation color.

Now take a look at the color wheel. A well-balanced color palette will use both warm and cool tones. Blue happens to be on the cool side of the color wheel. The opposite side has colors that best complement the foundation color. In this case, blue is best complemented by yellows and oranges. These will be the warm tones in our color palette. Another piece of the puzzle. This is not a 50/50 split of color. This will account for maybe 30% of the color in your room…it’s secondary.


Will Kemp Art School

Last, pick an accent color. Here you can get a little crazy…pink, coral, yellow. Anything goes. Use the full spectrum, but add pops here and there to keep your eye moving around the space. The accent color should account for 10% of the color in your room. This balance is what minimizes the fruit bowl effect.

Now that you know the rules, let’s look at some amazing examples of colors that pop in home decor.

House of Hipsters

The neutral tones play well with the navy blue and pinks, but the orange wishbone chair adds a zing of color in this bedroom. Your eye is drawn to the chair as its center point, but still moves around the entire space.

Timeless and trend worthy, this navy rug with its bold pattern would be a fabulous alternative in this space.


Shop the rug: Artistic Weavers Pollack rug in Navy and White

A Cup of Jo

The neutral tones in this space subdue the vibrant emerald green sofa. There’s green decorative accents throughout the room that keep the eye moving, but you’re also drawn to the rug and bookshelf where you see pops of red and pink.

I love this rug as an alternative with its pops of salmon and poppy colors. Did you notice red is on the opposite side of the color wheel to green?


Shop the rug: Surya Zahra rug in Light Gray, Poppy and Salmon


I love the bohemian look that is trending right now. The panel of indigo pops beautifully off the cream bedspread while the one hot pink accent pillow steals the show. Look carefully though, and you’ll spy more pops of blush and violet dancing around this space. Do you see them?

A great addition for this space would be this gorgeous blue and ivory rug.


Shop the rug: Loloi Anastasia rug in Blue and Ivory

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