Budget Friendly Rug Tips

Budget-Friendly Rug

Craving a fresh start in your space? Consider looking at the floor first. What’s underfoot can make a big impact on how your entire space looks and feels. Of course, shopping for rugs on a tight budget can seem like a daunting prospect; but that’s where this mini-guide comes in! All of the rugs featured in this post cost under $200 for at least a 5-by-7 foot size, and often much bigger.

The dining room, with the inevitable dinnertime spills, is a great place to choose a budget rug! And since this tends to be a less-frequently used room, why not try something a little bit different? The striking red tile print rug in the square shape shown here would look amazing in a square dining room, with a round table. For a rectangular dining room, go with a rectangular rug and rectangular or oval table.

Budget-Friendly Rug 2

In the bedroom, seek out something lush and soft, like the ikat-inspired rug shown here. Soothing shades of gray, blue, lavender, and cream are restful, so save the more lively colors for social spaces like the living and dining rooms. Room-size rugs look great in the bedroom, and give you the maximum softness underfoot, so get the biggest possible size that fits your space. The one shown here is only $199.50 for a 7-foot 10-inch by 10-foot rug!

Budget-Friendly Rug 3

Speaking of social spaces, either the black and beige zigzag rug or black and beige tile print rug would make a fun, graphic statement in a modern or glam living room. For a fun pop of color, try using this sky blue rug beneath white and light wood furniture for a fresh, simple look. Or, for a more classic vibe, pair this elegant charcoal and ivory rug with traditional dark wood furniture. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic natural fiber rug which can be used alone or layered beneath a more colorful rug.

Which rug is your favorite? Share your pick in the Comments!

Rug Shopping Guide: Safavieh Courtyard rug in RedSafavieh Courtyard rug in black and beige zigzagSafavieh Courtyard rug in black and beigeAmer Rugs Zara in sky blueOriental Weavers Brentwood rugOriental Weavers Brentwood rug in charcoal and ivoryCouristan Nature’s Elements rug in bleached sand;

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Trend Watch: Tribal Textiles

Tribal Textiles 1

The kilim rug is an increasingly popular floor covering for its ability to bring a relaxed, worldly vibe to homes of all styles. Yet the history of the kilim extends beyond its use on the floor! A traditional weaving method of nomadic tribes in central Asia, the kilim was used by its creators for everything from blankets to wall hangings.

Tribal Textiles 2

So why not take inspiration from the origins of kilim rugs and incorporate tribal patterns throughout your space? An assortment of woven pillows in a tribal pattern gives warmth and sophistication to a sofa, while a global-inspired wool throw at the foot of the bed feels welcoming and stylish. These age-old textiles bring a touch of history wherever you need it!

Tribal Textiles 3

Shopping Guide: 1. Kilim Pillow 2. Global Flat-Woven Rug 3. Red and Blue Tribal Pillow 4. Checkered Tribal Pillow 5. Wool Tribal Rug Images: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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Get The Look–Artful Kids Room

Sawyer Benson kids room
When I saw this kids room while scrolling through Pinterest I had to stop and investigate further. Such a gorgeous space designed by Sawyer Berson — I love how they framed the children’s art as the focal point for the wall. It’s so personal, playful and colorful. With a light pink and white base in the room, the colorful work pops right off the wall.

Want to get the look? Start with a light pink patterned rug and an ivory bookcase. Putting the bookcase between two beds also serves as a night stand and will conveniently hold all the books for reading before bedtime. Add some color to the beds with a poppy striped pillow and a palm green pillow. For extra warmth and possible tent-making add a white throw, and store it in a round ottoman where other toys could be stored as well. And if you don’t have any artwork from the kids to frame, this Life is a Beach II image by Mary Calkins is a colorful alternative.

Photo credits: Sawyer Berson

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10 Tips for a Natural Nursery

Tips for a Natural Nursery

Getting ready to welcome a new baby into the world? When your little one arrives, you are going to be spending a lot of time in the nursery, so focus on making it a place that both of you will enjoy. Read on for 10 tips to create a healthy, simple, beautiful nursery.

1. Choose a soothing color palette. Color goes such a long way to setting the mood of a space, and in the nursery, the mood you want is peaceful. Loud prints and bright colors are great for playtime, but in baby’s sleeping area consider restful hues like soft blues, grays, lavender, and white.

2. Stick with a few well-chosen toys & books. There will be many years ahead for your child to accumulate toys…you don’t need to start with all of them now! Infants love being able to explore how things feel, so focus your energy on selecting a few safe, well-made toys that are interesting to touch and look at. Keep it simple.

3. Hunt for vintage furniture. Not only will picking up a vintage piece or two save you some dough, it’s the best possible option for the environment and for your baby. A vintage dresser can make a fabulous dual-purpose piece, holding diapers and supplies inside and a diaper changing pad on top. When your little one is out of diapers, the same dresser, sans changing mat, can hold junior’s clothes. Other great vintage pieces to shop for include rockers, rocking horses, and toy chests. A crib or bassinet is the only piece it’s best to buy new, as vintage cribs may not be considered safe by today’s standards.

4. Use zero-VOC paints. Most paint companies now offer a low- or zero-VOC formula, available in the same color range as the regular paints — but without the most harmful chemicals. If you have furniture you wish to paint, like basic pieces from Ikea, or a vintage find, consider using milk paint. Milk paint is the most natural option of all (and yes, it really is made with milk!) and comes in a lovely range of natural hues.

5. Layer natural fiber rugs. Area rugs made from natural fibers like cotton, wool, and jute are pure and healthy, and feel great underfoot. Consider adding several different area rugs to define zones — a plush wool or easy-clean cotton rug for tummy time, and a hardworking jute, hemp, or sisal rug in areas that get heavier traffic.

Natural Nursery Rugs

6. Splurge on a natural mattress and sheets. Newborns spend most of their early days (and far too few of their nights…) sleeping. That means that sweet little face will be nuzzled right up to whatever mattress and sheets you have chosen, so it makes sense to devote a little extra room in the budget to a natural mattress and set of basic sheets if you can.

7. Provide plenty of easy storage options. Picking up tiny toys, board books, and wee clothes is not so easy when you are operating on two or three hours of sleep — make things easier on yourself and set up ample storage options before baby arrives. Open baskets in various sizes can work to hold just about anything, so stock up!

8. Consider light and noise. A beautifully sunny room can seem like a blessing…until you are trying to get the little one to nap on a bright, sunshiny day! Invest in thick drapes or shades with a blackout liner, and be sure to bring in a small stereo or ipod dock to play soothing bedtime music.

9. Pay attention to flow. Try to position the crib with at least one side against a wall, preferably two, and place it in such a way that baby has a view of the door — your little one will feel more secure that way. Also be sure to keep the main path from the door to crib clutter-free…whatever is on the floor will trip you on the way to those late-night feeding sessions!

10. Keep it clean. A green nursery is a clean nursery. Frequently cleaning the floors and wiping down surfaces, including window sills and baseboards, will help keep pollution and other yucky stuff out of your little one’s serene space.

Image Credits: (clockwise from left) nursery via Design Sponge; baby blanket from Numero 74; baby quilt on rocker decor8.

Rug Shopping Guide: (clockwise from top left) Safavieh Montauk rug in gray cotton; Anji Mountain Jute rug; Casual For Life Agra rug in linen; Geoloom Carousel Border Dots rug.

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