10 Bathroom Trends for 2017


I admit it, one of my favorite parts of my job is identifying emerging trends. Whether it’s tracking interiors, graphic design, or even music, I love it all. In so far as interior trends for 2017, bathrooms are really standing out. Although these usually small – yet important – rooms can be overlooked, why not make your morning routine or bath time a little more luxurious?

1. Statement Furniture
In the bathroom, yes. While I realize not all of us have the space to add furniture (me included), I love the idea of having a place to sit while drying off or applying lotion. Having a chair or bench on which to lay towels or clothes while in the shower would definitely be a bonus as well.


2. Free-Standing Vanities
A free-standing vanity feels so much more light and airy than a standard to the floor cabinet piece. It’s more like a piece of furniture than the standard cabinetry we’ve become used to. The amount of styles available at the moment are dizzying, meaning you’re for sure able to find something that fits your aesthetic.

via Front Main

3. Patterned Tiles
This trend is one of my favorites, though it has the possibility to feel risky. The key to adding decorative patterned tiling to your bathroom is to make it feel classic, like it’s never going to go out of style. Simple geometric styles as well as encaustics are a smart choices, but if a more rustic is your style that’s safe, too.

via Domino
via Domino

4. Large Light Fixtures
You might be thinking that a large fixture would feel off in a small room, but it can be oh so right. Interesting lighting can act as art in a space that may have little wall space for the real thing. So go glam, go modern, go whatever – just make it unexpected.

Heather Bullard

5. Vanities
While just the thought of a vanity may make your mind time travel back to the 1950s, they’re definitely having a moment. Whether it means having a dedicated space like above or simply adding a stool to the counter, you can make it happen. I, for one, know how much I’d love to sit down while putting on my makeup instead of hunching over the sink.

Alyssa Rosenheck

6. Dark Walls
Another trend that may seem counterintuitive in such a small space, dark paint has the ability to make anything feel instantly more luxe. Match the cabinets to the walls for an even sleeker feel, then accessorize away with naturals like wood and jute or bolder colors for a bigger pop!

Becki Owens

7. Free-Standing Tubs
Another of my favorites, I love a free-standing tub. It’s the ultimate in bathroom luxury, a dedicated space for relaxation. Whether you go with a straight-sided modern design or salvage a vintage clawfoot style, you just can’t lose.

A Beautiful Mess

8. Wall-Mounted Faucets
I’ve been seeing them everywhere – from homes to businesses. Wall-mounted faucets are a fantastic space-saver for small bathrooms, and visually interesting as a bonus. Brass looks especially fantastic, such an incredible industrial vibe!

Sarah Sherman Samuels

9. Round Mirrors
I’ve used this trend elsewhere in my house, and like the potential of making such a small room feel instantly larger. Round mirrors offer a more organic feel than their square and rectangular counterparts, and the style of frame you choose can help introduce a specific style in an easy way.

Amber Interiors

10. Throw Rugs
You probably have a standard bath mat, why not take up about ten notches and add a more stylized floor rug in its place? I change mine out about twice a year – darker for winter and lighter for summer – for some flexible style. Treat your bath like any other space you’d use a floor covering in and add some extra personality.


For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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How to Get a Beach Style Bath

Beach Bathroom

Does beach style makes you think of over-decorated vacation rentals packed with kitschy finds? If so, you may be refreshed to find there is another (chicer) way to do coastal. For a bath makeover, start with a few inspired hues: serene ocean-inspired shades of blue, frothy white, and sun-bleached neutrals. Even if you’re not planning to remodel, you can repaint the walls, or perhaps give an old clawfoot tub a colorful makeover. Gather treasures along the shore from seaside cottages, and display them along narrow picture shelves painted the same watery hue as the walls for an easy, natural display.

Beachy Bath Style

Next, gather the essential details: stacks of fringed Turkish towels, woven baskets, and details made from driftwood will bring in a seaside spa ambiance. If you’re feeling crafty, clean up a branch washed up on the beach and hang it between two hooks as a towel rod alternative. Clear away the sinkside clutter, and streamline your routine. Getting the beach house vibe is as much about living an easy, simple lifestyle as it is about the look!


If you are planning a full-on bathroom remodel (lucky you!) consider ways to incorporate tactile natural materials. Smooth river stones make a wonderfully beachy material for showers and floors. And if you have the resources to add an outdoor shower, you can’t get much beachier than that!

Beach Bathroom Style

Because the bath tends to be one of the smallest spaces in the house, it is quite easy to change the look with just a few tweaks to the details. Replace a tired bath mat with one made from bamboo, or a bright and cheerful turquoise cotton rag rug that you can easily toss in the wash. Hang a fresh piece of art, swap out the shower curtain for something white and floaty, and soon your master bath or powder room will be transformed into a peaceful place to unwind.

Shopping Guide: (clockwise from top left) Beach One artworkTyler 4-drawer white storage cabinetArtistic Weavers Easy Home Delaney rug in teal; Anji Mountain bamboo bath mat.

Photo Sources: (from top to bottom) CococozyDomino MagazineMr. Jason Grant.

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Bathroom Rug Refresh

Bathroom Rugs 1

You know that soggy terry cloth mat on your bathroom floor? It’s time for a change! Because the bathroom is such a functional space, most of us think of its decor as purely functional too. But as with any other room in the house, a great rug can transform your bathroom into a serious style statement. Whether your goal is to add color and pattern, enlarge a tight space, or add a personal touch to a blah rental, the right bathroom rug is out there!

Bathroom Rugs 2

When shopping for a bathroom rug, take several factors into account. For starters, if lots of little feet and bathtimes leave your floor frequently soaked or dirty, consider a cotton rag rug that can easily be thrown in the washing machine. If you have a plain tile or wood floor, a graphic rug can simulate the effect of tile without a renovation. And always remember to use a non-skid pad under any rug in the bathroom. That way you needn’t sacrifice safety or style!

Shopping Guide: 1. Colorful Persian Rug 2. Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug 3. Blue Braided Rug 4. Blue Traditional Rug

Images: 1. 2. 3.

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Trends & Tips For Decorating a Bathroom

Bathroom 1

Bathrooms have gotten a lot more fun to decorate in recent years. No longer restricted to matchy-matchy tilework and terry cloth towels, it’s now not uncommon to see fresh potted plants, real fabric shower curtains, artwork, and yes, even real rugs in the bath. And the wonderful thing is, there are tons of ways to personalize your bath without spending a fortune or doing a complete remodel.

Bathroom 2

Bath trends have been leaning towards the light and bright, with a touch of black for contrast, and plenty of tactile, organic accents. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, some fresh options include affordable white subway tile with dark grout, refurbished vintage clawfoot tubs, brass hardware, and industrial style light fixtures.

Just looking to add a few small, stylish touches? Try one or more of these:

- A fragrant potted plant, such as rosemary or lavender

- A raw wood board as soap holder atop the tub

- Colorful striped fouta towels as hand towels

- String bags, French market baskets, and woven bins as storage containers

- A moroccan style area rug

Bathroom 3

For a quick and easy DIY project, track down a simple wooden stool at a garage sale or flea market, and tape off just the lower portion of the legs to paint. Place the stool beside your tub to hold a mug of tea, book, towel, or vase of fresh cut flowers.

Bathroom 4

Sinkside, try replacing your old medicine cabinet with a stylish new mirror instead. For a smaller touch, place a stack of neatly rolled hand towels in a beautiful bowl.

Bathroom 5

When updating your bath, don’t be afraid to use real rugs on the floor and hang framed art on the walls. Use a regular bath mat beside the tub to step out onto, and hang it up between showers; the ‘real’ rug can go on the floor in front of the sink, where less water will get on it. As long as the pieces you choose for your bathroom are not priceless, the small risk of moisture getting on them is well worth the style gain!

What would your dream bath look like? Tell us in the Comments section.

Shopping Guide: 1. You Are Here II artwork by Checo Diego; 2. Captured II artwork by Robert Charon; 3. Jaipur Rugs Zuri Zola in natural white; 4. Jaipur Rugs Zuri Zumunda in natural white; 5. Kaylee White Cross Back End Table.

Photo Credits: Apartment Apothecary; Domino MagazineLonny Magazine.

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