How to Work a Round Rug

Round Rugs 1

When you think of shopping for a new rug, you most likely think of a rectangular shape — but choosing a round rug instead can sometimes be the better choice for your room. Read on for tips on using this surprisingly versatile rug shape in your home.

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Round rugs in the living room. If your living space is like most, it’s probably filled with rectangular shapes and sharp edges. A round rug can help soften those edges, making the living area more comfortable and inviting. Shaggy rugs with a deep, plush pile, like those in the rooms shown above, are perfect for sinking toes into.

Round Rugs 4
Round Rugs 5

Round rugs in the kitchen. The kitchen and breakfast nook are two more natural spots to put a round rug, as these spaces can usually use some warming up. For these hardworking zones, choose a round rug made of a flat weave or braided material, that can stand up to heavy foot traffic and spills. Go chic and neutral, or bright and bold; whatever you feel most drawn to.

Round Rugs 6

Round rugs in the foyer. Make a foyer, or even a small entryway, feel more spacious by choosing an elegant round rug. You could even swap out the rug in this area seasonally, with a thicker, warmer rug in winter, and a cool, natural fiber version in spring and summer.

Round Rugs 7

More great ways to use round rugs: Nurseries, kids’ rooms, and bedrooms are also welcome spots for round rugs. Round rugs, especially plush ones, seem made to sit and play on, so consider choosing one for your baby’s playroom, or even a yoga and meditation space.

Which is your favorite? Share which rug you would pick in the Comments section!

Rug Shopping Guide: 1. Surya Forum in Carmine; 2. Anji Mountain Jute Collection; 3. Trans Ocean Imports Liora Manne Ravella Disco in Denim; 4. Safavieh Malibu Shag in Charcoal.

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Find Serenity with Lavender

Lavender Home

The color lavender inspires introspection, imagination, and serenity — all wonderful reasons to use this hue in your home. Using a shade of purple in the home can seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! If you’re nervous about adding color to your home, try balancing a soft wash of color on the walls with natural, textured furnishings, as shown here. A leather armchair, traditional rug, and worn wood furniture give the space a well-rounded feel.

Lavender Home 2

Other easy ways to bring this lovely hue into your home include rolling out an area rug, tossing a few new cushions on the couch, or dressing your bed in fresh, pale lilac linens. The bedroom, a small sitting room, or yoga nook are all great places to use this serene color. If you are concerned about the color looking too “girly”, choose a lavender with a bit of gray in it.

Lavender Home 3

A soft lavender rug underfoot would look fantastic over wood floors in a simple white room. Some of our favorites include the marbled-look Surya Gemini rug (top center), and the kilim-inspired Surya Pazar rug (top left) and Surya Zahra rug (top right).

Tell us, which is your favorite? And would you ever consider painting a wall lavender? Share your thoughts in the Comments section!

Rug Shopping Guide: (Clockwise from top left) Surya Pazar rug in eggplant; Surya Gemini rug in mauve; Surya Zahra rug in iris; Safavieh Wyndham rug in purple; Surya Watercolor rug in eggplant; Kaleen Revolution rug in lilac.

Image Credits: Domino MagazineThe Style Files.

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Rugs as Wall Hangings

Rug as Wall Hanging 1

Rug as Wall Hanging 2

Rugs on the wall? Why not! What likely started as a stylist’s trick to display rugs in a fresh, creative way, has become something of a trend in real homes as well — and it’s not as hard to pull off as you might think. Displaying a cool rug on the wall can take the place of (pricey) large scale artwork, make a unique decorating statement, and even keep your space a bit cozier during winter. A great place to start is with a small rug (3 by 5 feet is plenty) in a fun, graphic print or geometric design. This size works well over a console table, dresser, bench, or low bookcase.

Rug as Wall Hanging 3

If you want to go bigger, I recommend going really big, like the bedroom-filling rug shown here. This way the rug acts almost like a textured wallpaper, adding visual interest to the room, boosting insulation, and creating a cozy, cocoon-like feel in bed. What’s not to love about that? Look for a rug in pale hues and with delicate or faded patterns, so the rug doesn’t compete with the rest of your room’s decor.

Rug as Wall Hanging 4

Rug as Wall Hanging 5

Even after you have your rug in place, the scene won’t be complete without a little styling. Hunt around your apartment for potted plants, books to pile up, and a cool lamp, and play around with arrangements until you hit on one you like. If you have a record player and vinyl collection, use that! There’s something very bohemian chic about the combination of records and rugs on the wall!

Rug as Wall Hangings 6

When it comes time to choose your own rug to hang on the wall, remember there are several looks and styles that work especially well for this application. You really can’t go wrong with a Moroccan or kilim style rug, or anything with a geometric pattern — and remember, if you’re going with a large rug, it’s best to stick with a pale neutral.

Rug Shopping Guide:

(Clockwise from top left) Feizy Rugs Barbary rug in natural and ivory; Courtisan Mesquite Encino rug in linen and cocoa; Safavieh Porcello rug in light gray and ivory; Courtisan Mesquite Bayou rug in linen, plum, and dusty blue.

Image Credits:

(From top to bottom of post) decor8Wood & Wool Stool; Elle DecorDesign SpongeUrban Outfitters.

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Tips to Winterize Your Entry

Winter Foyer

Winter is here, and with it comes chillier weather and shorter days… and drafty doorways! Keep your entry toasty, festive, and bright this winter with a few quick updates. Starting outdoors, add a boot scraper and sturdy door mat to catch muck before it enters your home. Just inside the door, add another rug to protect your floors, and add a layer of warmth and style. If you’re looking to update your walls, consider having outdoor winter photos blown up and framed; or write a special message on a large chalkboard to welcome guests. Sturdy wicker baskets to hold winter accessories, and a boot tray to hold shoes, are other must-haves.

Winter Foyer 2

In the Scandinavian countries, people must deal with very long, cold winters, so it makes sense to turn to Scandinavian style in the cold months of the year. All-white entryways (yes, even the floors!) are a bit harder to keep clean, but the cheerful light they bring your home is well worth it. Add a soft colored neutral rug, furry, fluffy throw, and twinkling white lights to complete the cozy scene.

Winter Foyer 3

When putting together your winter entryway, think about adding smart storage pieces like the Jack White Bookshelf to hold mittens, scarves, and bags. Cover the floors with a hardworking natural fiber rug, like the Jaipur rugs natural Sanibel plus, and drape a cozy throw (we like the Rizzy Home decorative throw) over a bench.

Now we would love to hear from you: how do you tweak your entryway for winter? Please share your tips in the Comments section below!

Shopping Guide: 1. Jaipur rugs natural Sanibel plus; 2. Safavieh Kenya rug; 3. Surya decorative pillow; 4. Jack White Bookshelf; 5. Nathan walnut brown accent table; 6. Rizzy Home decorative throw.

Image Sources: Nordic DesignArt.comCity FarmhouseArt and ChicLooklabSims HilditchBoscolo Interior Design.

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