Design a Welcoming Entrance with Entryway Rugs

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A well-designed entryway is a marriage of form and function. To create the perfect entryway, incorporate the three P’s into your decor: Personality, practicality, and peace. Personality is the specific style you choose, and it sends a message about your unique perspective on the world. Practicality is the consideration for the many capacities of an entryway, including storage and traffic control.  And peace is the sum of the first two as well as so much more. It is the grounding and positive energy that says to everyone who crosses your threshold, ‘Come in and stay awhile’.

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Floor coverings play a major role in the three P’s of entryway design. For the most versatile effect, look for neutral runners that incorporate a sense of utilitarian beauty. The long, narrow proportions of a runner direct the flow from your front door into the rest of your space. Weighty materials like sisal or synthetic wool blends not only remain anchored beneath foot traffic, they also withstand years of wear and tear. Natural hues such as ecru, beige, and tan complement a diverse range of styles, while subtle patterns offer a dynamic sensibility that complements the rest of your entryway decor. Choose your entryway runner wisely and it will welcome you home for years to come!

Shopping Guide: 1. Patterned Runner 2. Traditional Patterned Runner 3. Traditional Oriental Runner 4. Sisal Runner 5. Neutral Runner Rug 6. Natural Fiber Runner

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Bathroom Rug Refresh

Bathroom Rugs 1

You know that soggy terry cloth mat on your bathroom floor? It’s time for a change! Because the bathroom is such a functional space, most of us think of its decor as purely functional too. But as with any other room in the house, a great rug can transform your bathroom into a serious style statement. Whether your goal is to add color and pattern, enlarge a tight space, or add a personal touch to a blah rental, the right bathroom rug is out there!

Bathroom Rugs 2

When shopping for a bathroom rug, take several factors into account. For starters, if lots of little feet and bathtimes leave your floor frequently soaked or dirty, consider a cotton rag rug that can easily be thrown in the washing machine. If you have a plain tile or wood floor, a graphic rug can simulate the effect of tile without a renovation. And always remember to use a non-skid pad under any rug in the bathroom. That way you needn’t sacrifice safety or style!

Shopping Guide: 1. Colorful Persian Rug 2. Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug 3. Blue Braided Rug 4. Blue Traditional Rug

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Color Trend: Pale Pink Spring Decor

Pink Decor

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes the desire to inject a fresh feeling into existing home decor. One way to do exactly that is to add an unexpected accent color that’s light and cheerful–just like spring itself! This year, the hue that’s making waves is a soft and playful shade of pink.

Light Pink

The great thing about pink is that a little goes a long way. Just one pink piece can make a big impact, making it a very budget-friendly pick! Try a throw pillow in dusty rose, a traditional Oriental carpet with pink undertones, or a striped rug in multiple variations of pink. And if you’re nervous about making a commitment to the color, pick up a bouquet of pink tulips to try pink on for size!

Shopping Guide: 1. Pink Striped Rug 2. Pink Linen Pillow 3. Pink Flower Art 4. Traditional Pink Rug

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Trend Watch: Folklore Decor Inspiration


If you like boho style–with its global influence, layered textiles, and relaxed vibe–you’ll love its latest evolution! Introducing folklore-inspired interiors, which take their cue from early American style as well as from the handicrafts of Central America. Folklore decor is a little less glam and a bit more primitive than boho, making it great if you love colorful, handmade pieces but also lean towards a restrained approach to decorating.

Folklore 2

Get the look with traditional pieces such as patchwork quilts, embroidered throw pillows, rustic wall hangings, and unfinished wood furnishings. Focus on a subdued palette of sunbleached neutrals, then accent this foundation with needlework in either bright hues like turquoise and geranium for a ‘south of the border’ effect, or nature-sourced shades like burnt sienna and olive to conjure a sophisticated southwestern sensibility. The result will be a warm and welcoming space with serious personality!

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Shopping Guide: 1. Quiltwork Rug 2. Wood Accent Table 3. Embroidered Throw Pillow 4. Desert Art 5. Cowhide Rug

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