10 Unique Wall Art Ideas

via Transitoinicial
via Transitoinicial

We all can appreciate the gallery wall trend that’s been hanging around, but before you drive that first nail into the wall, sit back and take stock of your options. And there are many, many, many. I’m here today to share my ten favorite unique ways to upgrade your wall art game.

Floating Shelves. They create clean lines and make for an interesting skyline of art frames. Floating shelves also have the ability to turn just about anything that fits on them into art – think cookbooks, mirrors, small plants, crystals, and more.

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Picture Rails. If you’d like to add a serious dose of sophistication to your art, go with this plan. Nineteenth century homes and museums rely on picture rails, so you know I’m not steering you wrong! Stagger various shapes and sizes of frames for the best effect.

Christopher Hunt

Binder Clips. Don’t have a frame? You don’t need one necessarily. Pinch a binder clip onto all four corner of a piece of art – two to hang the piece on the wall and two to keep it weighed down – easy peasy. If it’s your thing, consider spray painting them gold first.

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Round the Corner. If you’re really in love with that gallery wall trend, take it up a level. All it requires is an interesting corner in your space to take advantage of and perhaps some matching frames to tie it all together.

Amelia Metromode

Lean It. I rely on this trick a lot with larger pieces that I’m undecided on where to hang or don’t have the wall space for. If an artsy, bohemian look is what you’re looking for then leaning art on the floors, shelves, counters, etc will help you achieve it.

Chris Paity

Overlap It. Put those floating shelves or the dining room credenza to harder use by layering up different sizes and styles of art. Add empty frames or unframed pieces to the mix as well for a carefree vibe.

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Skirt Hangers. I was using this method before I knew it was a method, and it remains one of my favorites. Framing can cost nearly as much as the art itself, sometimes more, so noncommittal hanging options that don’t harm anything are a lifesaver. Skirt hangers fit those requirements and can add a great industrial touch.

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Unusual Surfaces. My favorite two unexpected locations for hanging art are off of bookcase shelves and window frames. And thanks to things like Command hooks you don’t have to damage any surfaces in the process (of course this applies to walls, too!). The options are limitless and the look oh so eclectic!

via Deko
via Deko

Office Clipboards. I love this option and have used it in a former living room for an easily convertible inspiration wall. You can attach everything from art to magazine clipping to fabric swatches. Once the grid of clipboards are easily hung up, swap to your heart’s content.

via Hitta Hem

A Clothesline. Like a gallery wall, but the updated version! Attach a length of wire, cord, or something similar to your wall of choice, then grab a handful of clothespins to do the dirty work. I really like the darkroom feeling this option brings.

Of course, art can also be on the floor! Here are some of my favorite options:

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For more inspiration from Kelly, follow along with her at Design Crush!

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