Give Your Porch a Fresh New Look

With spring (finally) on its way, the time has come to dust off that outdoor furniture and give the front porch a much-needed seasonal refresh. It feels good to start with a clean slate, so before shopping for new items, take the time to clear away any clutter that has accumulated on your porch over the winter. Using a broom, brush away dust and cobwebs from your home’s siding and from the porch floor; wash the windows; and wipe down the mailbox, porch lights, and doorbell. If your porch furniture is in winter storage, pull it out and give it a good dusting off. Once that’s done, it’s time for the fun part — decorating! Read on for three looks to spark your imagination.

Eclectic Modern

Look #1: Eclectic Modern. If you love layered textiles, worldly finds, and pattern upon pattern, this is the look for you. Start with a bold, exotic outdoor rug like ikat print of the Couristan Delfina rug shown above. Mix a modern wire chair with a Moroccan tea table, low-slung couch, and large potted palm to cultivate an eclectic vibe.

Look #2: Cheerful Preppy. As bright and fresh as a mint julep at a polo match, this look is sure to charm lovers of classic, colorful style. Start with a brightly hued rug, like the lemon yellow rope-print rug shown here, add a classic wicker porch set in fresh white, and kick it up a notch with cushions in pink and yellow. Big rice paper lanterns make a budget-friendly finishing touch.

Seaside Vintage

Look #3: Vintage Seaside. Whether you can see the beach from your porch (lucky you!) or live miles from the shore, beachy style is something anyone can tap into. Seek out vintage metal and wicker porch furniture for an authentic look, but make it your own by adding a lick of bright paint. Blues and greens are no-fail colors for a seaside look, so roll out a rug in one (or both) of these hues and you can’t go wrong. We love the message on the By the Sea” rug; this stylized wave print; and these can’t-miss classic wide stripes.

Which is your favorite look? Share your thoughts in the Comments!

Rug Shopping Guide: 1. Couristan Delfina rug | 2. Loloi Venice Beach rug in goldenrod | 3. Surya Rain rug | 4. Surya Rain rug in sky blue & peridot | 5. Trans Ocean Imports Rugby Stripe rug in aqua

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