Neutral Doesn’t Mean Boring

Just because you want a neutral space, doesn’t mean it has to be boring or bland. In some cases keeping a neutral palette will actually make you search harder to find more interesting items to decorate and furnish with. You will look past color and more at texture, quality, fabric, and craftsmanship.

Inspired by movie producer Avi Arad’s Malibu, California, house featured on Architectural Digest, I put together a collection of not boring neutral rugs.

Neutral Rugs

Photo credit: Architectural Digest, Photo by Roger Davies

Shopping Guide

1. Safavieh Vintage Stone

2. Safavieh Cambridge Beige, Ivory

3. Rizzy Rugs Galleria Ivory, Tan

4. Surya Paramount Safari Tan, Charcoal Gray, Light Gray

5. Jaipur Rugs Fables Ethereal Cream

6. Jaipur Rugs Fables Regal Cream

7. Jaipur Rugs Metro Curve Geometric Antique White

8. Safavieh Soho Beige, Brown

9. Rugs America Ambrose Gold

10. Calvin Klein Home Prairie Palamino Beige

11. Safavieh Montauk Beige

12. Couristan Rythmia Bliss Pearl

13. Surya Matmi Taupe, Oatmeal, Caper Green

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