Sweater Weather Inspired Home

Sweater Weather

Brr… do you feel that chill in the air? Its finally autumn and the cold, shortened days are officially here to prove it! Its time to hunker down and nest in your home interiors and wardrobe selections. I love to call this Sweater Weather. Personally, during this time of year I love to surround myself with thick, chunky knits. Think over-sized vintage fishermans sweaters, cozy pull-on hats and mittens, and over-sized cable knit scarves. This winter-in-New-England aesthetic traditionally calls for a palette of neutrals: ivory and ecru; pale, icy grey; creamy white; maybe the slightest touch of taupe or straw. Its all about keeping things simple, textural, and sophisticated. This fall, let the color come from the changing crunchy leaves and mountains of gourds and pumpkins!

Sweater Rugs

Cozy, thick woolen rugs are an especially perfect way to prep your home for the recent shift in seasons. Cold wooden or tile floors are no one’s friend when the temp drops, so I like to layer on the neutrals. Don’t be afraid to dabble in multiple shades of neutral, just so long as they tell a cohesive story. Also, a touch of Scandinavian design, such as this Colonial Mills Sedona Gray style, gorgeously complements the simpler styling of a traditional braided oval rug. Guests will comment on your interior design prowess, while your tootsies will be kept chill-free until warmer months arrive. Lastly, try placing large rugs in unexpected locations: the master bath, between the sink and kitchen island, or even within your home’s entryway.


Photo Credit: Garance Dore, Lauren Conrad, and Anthropologie.

Links: Colonial Mills Silhouette Sand, Colonial Mills Corsica Silver Shimmer, and Colonial Mills Sedona Gray.

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