Pairing Rugs and Art

Being an abstract painter and having a huge love of art, when decorating a room I always think about how the rugs and art will go together. Rugs and art can both be a huge part of your decor for a room, and can make a huge impact depending on what your decor preferences are. Tengemoonbaco . I’ve paired four rugs with four different pieces of artwork. Get inspired!

Floral Geometric Rug

Pairing a beautiful giant floral painting like Abundance IV with a neutral geometric rug, makes both the rug and the painting stand out in the space, but still compliment each other.

Abundance IV,

Grey Geometric Rug

Leather Shag Rug
This sexy Glam Legs photograph by Casey Rodgers demands a luxe environment. A black leather shag rug does it justice.

Glam Legs, Casey Rodgers

Black Leather Shag Rug

Ikat Rug
A bright inviting photograph like Beach Goers by Bryan Solarski pairs well with a neutral print that is part geometric part organic feeling. A warm ikat rug works perfectly.

Beach Goers, Bryan Solarski

Neutral Ikat Rug

Solid Color Rug
Extract a snippet of a minor color in a large abstract painting, and pair it with a rug of that color, to bring that color out in the painting. In this case, a solid purple rug brings out the tiny bits of purple in Drew Gaffney’s dominantly blue Untitled 8.

Untitled 8, Drew Gaffney

Solid Purple Rug

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