Indigo Interiors

Indigo Interiors

The history of the color indigo is long and legendary. One of the oldest and most prized dyes used for textiles, the plant that yields the deep, striking blue that we associate with indigo grows natively in tropical regions of Asia. During the course of history, indigo had such a major influence on the world economy that it acquired the nickname ‘Blue Gold’! Today a synthetic compound is most often used to dye fabrics this rich, distinctive shade, but the effect is still the same: Indigo fosters a dramatic, alluring sensibility anywhere it appears.

Indigo Home

Rugs present the perfect opportunity to bring home the intensity of indigo. From ombre shading to tone-on-tone patterns, this particular shade functions largely as a neutral and therefore will create a strong foundation in any room of the house. A patchwork grid suits more modern spaces, while an indigo Ikat has an exotic feel. Just like your favorite jeans (the first denim was made with indigo dye), rich blue rugs will go with everything and only get better with time!

Indigo Rugs

Shopping Guide: 1. Ombre Indigo Rug 2. Graphic Indigo Rug 3. Indigo Patchwork Rug 4. Indigo Starburst Rug 5. Indigo Ikat Rug

Images: Fall Ideas & Inspiration on Pinterest.

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