Dots, Dots, Dots!

Dots, dots, dots

Polka dots seem to be a trend that just will not go away — and for good reason! A little bit French, a little bit whimsical, this is a clean and simple print that any person (or home) can wear. I especially love this sweet pattern in shades of modern, yet classic black and white. Scale is super important to pulling off this trend, so be mindful of proportions. Tiny dots are great for an allover look, while a gradient of scales works for outfit details like socks.

Dots for the home

From abstract art to appliqued pillows and flat woven rugs, polka dots certainly have a place in the home, too. I love the idea of adding a polka dotted rug to a variety of rooms. This Spots rug by Genenieve Gorder is a great example. It can pair nicely with most environments, from kids bedroom to breakfast nook; I’d even love to see it in a home office. And because it’s a flat woven, the dots a bit ‘deconstructed’ looking, making this rug a modern statement piece. Dots can also grace the walls in the form of abstract art. Or this simple pattern is a great punch to add to sofas and armchairs. Just like in your wardrobe, stick to an understated, yet bold color palette to avoid a look that’s too sweet.

Photo Credit: spotted trench coat from ASOS, polka dotted socks from Ssense, and spotted cotton dress by Marni.

Links: Ice Cream Shops by Arleigh Wood, Surya decorative pillow, and Spots rug by Genenieve Gorder.

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Spring Florals


Spring has finally sprung! With the world outside bursting with new life, it’s natural to crave a bit of extra color and patterns indoors as well. Floral prints feel especially welcome during this season, cheering up the house even on gray, rainy days. Read on for a few tips on using floral prints in your decor.

Bold and layered: For a bold look, consider layering on the floral prints as in the inspiration image above. Use a floral rug with a large scale pattern, cushions with medium to small scale prints, and a botanical chart or vintage floral still life paintings on the wall.


Modern pop: A very fresh and current way to use florals is with one major statement piece (like the rug shown here) paired with crisp white walls. Pick up a color from your floral piece and repeat it in a textile in a solid hue, like the raspberry-pink bedding in the room above.


Gypsy style: Sometimes more is more! Instead of holding back, ramp up the color and pattern by layering on floral sheets, quilts (like this one from Etsy seller Gypsya), cushions, rugs, and more. The key is to stay within the same general palette of colors, and to include some solids and stripes to mix it up.


Trad with a twist: Love the vintage and antique pieces you have collected, and prefer muted colors? Give your typically traditional look a twist by rolling out a bright, bold floral rug. The saturated hues and cheerful print will stand out (in a good way!) against greige walls and sculptural furnishings. Or try taking one of your favorite upholstered pieces and have it redone in a modern painterly floral.


Roll out a rug: You might be surprised to find how easily a floral print rug fits into most spaces! Try one in the entry hall, bedroom, or living room. Round shapes can work well in tight spaces, and painterly florals make a lovely choice when most floral prints seem too bold. But a bright, bold print can be just what you need to wake up a plain, neutral space — why not try one in the kitchen?

Photo Credits: (from top to bottom) HomelifeMi Casa; Floral coverlet from GypsyaAnthropologie

Rug Shopping Guide: 1. Safavieh Blossom rug in blue and gold | 2. Loloi Juliana rug | 3. Surya Brentwood rug | 4. Dynamic Rugs Infinity Collection in ivory and gray

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Lovely Lace

Lovely Lace

With the first day of Spring behind us, it’s time to start thinking about ways to lighten up our interiors. One of my favorite trends to try this season for both home decor and fashion is lace. Romantic, lovely, and so very pretty, lace was all over the runway, with my favorite show being The Row Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear. Lace patterns can range from tiny, delicate patterns to oversized, bold-yet-tonal cutwork. The key to this look is achieving the right amount of peekaboo, but in a tonal and neutral palette. Done correctly, this is a sophisticated and ethereal look perfect for spring.

Lovely Lace Home

As for the home, lace can be brought into the floor for a luxurious and whimsically romantic look. I love the idea of a boldly patterned runner for a hallway. This Surya lace runner features an enlarged and cropped lace motif, while in a neutral color combination, making this piece a modern, yet romantic statement. These gorgeously lace bedecked rugs are also a great addition to a master bedroom. Picture an all white and ivory bedroom adorned with sumptuous linens and shimmery silks. Don’t you think a lace-patterned rug would fit in perfectly? Talk about setting the mood! This spring, don’t be afraid to add a touch of romance to your home and wardrobe.

Photo Credit: The Row Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear via, This Is Glamorous, and Florencia Pleated Lace dress from Free People.

Shopping Guide: Surya lace runner, Safavieh vintage rug, and Jaipur Rugs ming vase rug.

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Get The Look–Artful Kids Room

Sawyer Benson kids room
When I saw this kids room while scrolling through Pinterest I had to stop and investigate further. Such a gorgeous space designed by Sawyer Berson — I love how they framed the children’s art as the focal point for the wall. It’s so personal, playful and colorful. With a light pink and white base in the room, the colorful work pops right off the wall.

Want to get the look? Start with a light pink patterned rug and an ivory bookcase. Putting the bookcase between two beds also serves as a night stand and will conveniently hold all the books for reading before bedtime. Add some color to the beds with a poppy striped pillow and a palm green pillow. For extra warmth and possible tent-making add a white throw, and store it in a round ottoman where other toys could be stored as well. And if you don’t have any artwork from the kids to frame, this Life is a Beach II image by Mary Calkins is a colorful alternative.

Photo credits: Sawyer Berson

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Make a Fresh Start in the Entry


It’s the first thing people notice when they visit your home, and it’s the only part of your home some people (like neighbors and delivery drivers) will ever see. Doesn’t it make sense to put your best foot forward? Having a neat, chic entryway makes coming home a pleasure — and gets you out the door with less stress in the morning. Your entryway works hard, but it doesn’t have to be all work and no play.

Give your entryway a fresh start by checking these 10 essentials off your list.


1. A clean, clutter-free space. The first (and most important!) thing to do is clear away all of the stuff cluttering up your entryway and giving the space a good cleaning. Rather than keep all of your shoes and coats by the door, try keeping only the one or two you use most often, and store the others elsewhere. Likewise, clear away old mail, papers, and other items that don’t belong. Clean the floors and remove scuff marks from the walls.

2. A place to perch while taking off and putting on shoes. Being able to sit down while getting your shoes on or off is so much more civilized than awkwardly balancing on one foot — your guests will appreciate it! A bench or chair is a good choice for a larger space; a small stool or ottoman tucked beneath your entry table works well for tight spots.

3. Shoe, bag, and coat storage. If you don’t have a coat closet near the door, wall hooks or a coat rack and a boot tray are a must. A basket or shelf for holding bags is a nice touch as well. If you do have a coat closet, adding hooks inside the door and a shoe rack on the floor will make it even more functional.

4. A place for mail and keys. This can be as simple as a floating shelf with a few tiny hooks beneath it, or as elaborate as an antique chest with drawers — the point is to have one place where you always stash these key items. If you have a large drawer, use drawer dividers to keep it from turning into a junk drawer.

5. A mirror. A must to check for crazy hair and spinach in the teeth on your way out the door!

6. Artwork. Choose a piece of artwork that inspires you and place it prominently by the door where it can give you a mood boost as you are coming and going.


7. Right-sized rug. Traditional doormat-size rugs (roughly 2×3 feet) are appropriate for some entryways, but if your entry is a different size or shape, you may want to look beyond the traditional. A larger rectangular rug (such as a 3×5 size) works well to fill out a larger foyer. If you have a long hall, a runner will give you ample room — I am especially fond of the Safavieh Chatham rug in blue, and the Safavieh Dhurrie in green, both shown above. Patterns like the hexagon print rug (shown above) and stripes, like the Surya Calvin rug, work well in the entry because they manage to hide dirt while being stylish.


8. Proper lighting. Make sure your entry is inviting and cozy by providing ample lighting. A working porch light outside your front door is a must, plus an overhead light on a dimmer switch or a pair of table lamps inside. Multiple light sources with lower-watt bulbs are more flattering than a single, bright lamp.

9. Flexible extra storage. Always try to keep a little extra room in a basket, bin, or closet, for unexpected needs. If you live in a climate with cold winters, for instance, think about providing room for those winter hats and mittens, even if you are planning your entryway in the summer.

10. Something fresh and flowers! Even if it’s a tiny bud vase with a single bloom, having a little something pretty makes coming home a joy. Treat yourself!

Rug Shopping Guide: Safavieh Chatham rug in blue, Safavieh Dhurrie in green, Dynamic Rugs Trend Collection in light gray, and Surya Calvin rug.

Photo Credits: The Glitter Guide; Sara Hicks Malone via Decor8; Design Sponge; Yellow Brick Home; The Glitter Guide.

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Let’s Get Nautical

Let's get nautical

It seems like every year, the nautical trend comes back…and I just love it! Cheerful and happy, I love the idea of adding a touch of nautical flair to my wardrobe and home. Plus, it’s just so easy to do so. Between stripes, anchors, and touches of brass, this easy, chipper trend really lends itself to exploration. I’d suggest keeping the color palette traditional: crisp navy and white, bold crimson, touches of shimmery metallic, and maybe a happy sunshine yellow. Metallics can range from brassy hues to super-shiny gold. Also, don’t forget to add touches of rope detailing, quirky anchors, and iconic nautical flags. To get this look, slip into your favorite pair of crisp white jeans and silky striped shirt. Then, top off the look with a sky-high pair of espadrilles and bronze-y metallic bangles.

Nautical for the home

Laid-back and oh-so-casual, this ocean-inspired trend is the perfect look for a kitchen, family room, or sunroom, even if you’re not in proximity to the beach. Stripes are key to this look, especially when making your rug selection. To dabble in the nautical trend, try a boldly striped number with tones of watery blues and crisp white. If you’re more adventurous, opt for a truly sailor-inspired rug such as this navy anchor rug or this signal flags rug. The bold, iconic motifs are sure to give you that summery, always-on-vacation vibe.

Photo Credit: linen pants from Victoria’s Secret, striped tee from TOPSHOP, and anchor & stars sweatshirt from Shopbop.

Shopping Guide: signal flags rug, Colonial Portico striped rug, and navy anchor rug.

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Give Your Porch a Fresh New Look

With spring (finally) on its way, the time has come to dust off that outdoor furniture and give the front porch a much-needed seasonal refresh. It feels good to start with a clean slate, so before shopping for new items, take the time to clear away any clutter that has accumulated on your porch over the winter. Using a broom, brush away dust and cobwebs from your home’s siding and from the porch floor; wash the windows; and wipe down the mailbox, porch lights, and doorbell. If your porch furniture is in winter storage, pull it out and give it a good dusting off. Once that’s done, it’s time for the fun part — decorating! Read on for three looks to spark your imagination.

Eclectic Modern

Look #1: Eclectic Modern. If you love layered textiles, worldly finds, and pattern upon pattern, this is the look for you. Start with a bold, exotic outdoor rug like ikat print of the Couristan Delfina rug shown above. Mix a modern wire chair with a Moroccan tea table, low-slung couch, and large potted palm to cultivate an eclectic vibe.

Look #2: Cheerful Preppy. As bright and fresh as a mint julep at a polo match, this look is sure to charm lovers of classic, colorful style. Start with a brightly hued rug, like the lemon yellow rope-print rug shown here, add a classic wicker porch set in fresh white, and kick it up a notch with cushions in pink and yellow. Big rice paper lanterns make a budget-friendly finishing touch.

Seaside Vintage

Look #3: Vintage Seaside. Whether you can see the beach from your porch (lucky you!) or live miles from the shore, beachy style is something anyone can tap into. Seek out vintage metal and wicker porch furniture for an authentic look, but make it your own by adding a lick of bright paint. Blues and greens are no-fail colors for a seaside look, so roll out a rug in one (or both) of these hues and you can’t go wrong. We love the message on the By the Sea” rug; this stylized wave print; and these can’t-miss classic wide stripes.

Which is your favorite look? Share your thoughts in the Comments!

Rug Shopping Guide: 1. Couristan Delfina rug | 2. Loloi Venice Beach rug in goldenrod | 3. Surya Rain rug | 4. Surya Rain rug in sky blue & peridot | 5. Trans Ocean Imports Rugby Stripe rug in aqua

Photo Credits: Expressen; BHG; BHG

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Bright & Bold–Get This Chic Office Look

alex liz office - get the look
Always one to admire chic office spaces, I was excited to see the Chicago office of Liz of the blog Sequins & Stripes and Alex of A.K. Studio featured on The Glitter Guide recently. The ladies were able to accomplish a chic and inviting space that is full of personality. They combined rug layering and lots of art into their white walls to make the place feel personal to them.

Simply by adding a few decor pieces to your office space you can achieve a chic and personal feel that doesn’t feel like you are in cube city. Adding a rug, art, and pillows are a great way to bring your personality into your workspace.

Get Alex & Liz’s Look:

Bring in art that inspires you. Mix different styles, like a gorgeous floral and lettering.

A neutral desk and chair will be vital when you want to change your decor because they will always go with any new decor you pick out.

Whether it’s for lower back support or just another pop of color, a pillow on your chair is a must.

Office Image credit:
Image of Alex and Liz’s office via Glitter Guide, photo by Heather Talbert

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Prepare for Spring with Outdoor/Indoor Rugs

Outdoor/Indoor Rugs 3

As spring approaches, bringing with it the rain, slush, and puddles of winter’s thaw, appropriate floor coverings in high-traffic areas become all the more important. And when it comes to preparing for the wet season, outdoor/indoor rugs turn even the simplest entryway into a mudroom!

Outdoor/Indoor Rugs 2

Neutral outdoor/indoor rugs are especially versatile; they offer the texture of fibers like jute or sisal, but have water repellant properties that make them easy to clean. Plus with patterns like check, houndstooth, and subtle stripes, you can create a tidy and stylish welcome every time you step in your door!

Outdoor/Indoor Rugs 1

Shopping Guide: 1. Natural Outdoor Rug 2. Braided Outdoor Rug 3. Checkered Outdoor Rug 4. Outdoor Houndstooth Rug 5. Black Outdoor Rug

Images: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

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Rugs Inspired by Kate Spade’s Madison Ave. Collection

Home trends are usually influenced by fashion trends, although they usually take a few years to trickle down from fashion into home decor. Being one to always be inspired by the new fashion trends, I took at look at Kate Spade’s newest collection, the Madison Ave. Collection, and found some rugs inspired by some of the looks from the collection.

Multi Color
This Capri Necklace was the first item from the collection to jump out at me. Bright colors and grapic shapes — I’m in love. When I found this multi-colored studio leather rug, I couldn’t have found a better match!
You can’t go wrong with navy and white. It’s always a classic color combination. The bold simplicity in both the Hallis Dress and the Dhurrie Rug make a statement.
Spring always means florals whether you add them to your wardrobe with this Monroe Place Floral Bag or your home with this Infinity rug.
Margie Top
Want to stand out? Add a high contrast pattern to your floors or closet. A black and white rug or this Margie top will do the trick.
Dying for spring? Me too! Be ready for it whenever it shows up with a little light pink. Both this shaggy pink rug and this ruffled Walker top add texture as well.
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